Eduard Robert

Romania, Radauti City
Proud "radautean", working as a network tehnician, non-smoker, bike enthusiast, i love to go to gym early in the mornig, i was for a while volunteer helping stray animals but i don't have any more time to do it but casually i continue to help, and ofc, casual drinker :)
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+151.793 HIVE
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Curation reward: 11.423 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221127t101600305z
Author reward: 1422.132 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221127t101600305z
Curation reward: 11.495 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20221127t095858304z
Curation reward: 11.530 SPORTS for merthin/actifit-merthin-20221126t225239241z
Curation reward: 11.307 SPORTS for pjansen/actifit-pjansen-20221126t225054214z
Curation reward: 11.196 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20221126t193147646z
Curation reward: 11.058 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20221126t162426988z
Curation reward: 10.847 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20221126t123052461z
Curation reward: 11.576 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221126t055647038z
Author reward: 711.200 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221126t055647038z
Curation reward: 11.492 SPORTS for pjansen/actifit-pjansen-20221125t223133848z
Curation reward: 11.433 SPORTS for merthin/actifit-merthin-20221125t202808136z
Curation reward: 11.157 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20221125t165349759z
Curation reward: 10.942 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20221125t161853018z
Curation reward: 9.986 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221125t035613583z
Author reward: 1427.099 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221125t035613583z
Curation reward: 10.586 SPORTS for pjansen/actifit-pjansen-20221124t225633025z
Curation reward: 10.431 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20221124t213210802z
Curation reward: 10.283 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20221124t195513635z
Curation reward: 10.098 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20221124t194114926z
Curation reward: 10.983 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20221124t085505038z
Curation reward: 9.877 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221124t064116399z
Author reward: 696.846 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221124t064116399z
Curation reward: 10.603 SPORTS for pjansen/actifit-pjansen-20221123t225545448z
Curation reward: 10.439 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20221123t215508971z
Curation reward: 10.402 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20221123t202937779z
Curation reward: 10.220 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20221123t193128215z
Curation reward: 9.764 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221123t060028486z
Author reward: 792.612 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221123t060028486z
Curation reward: 11.587 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20221123t030008156z
Curation reward: 11.214 SPORTS for pjansen/actifit-pjansen-20221122t221218147z
Curation reward: 11.021 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20221122t214611516z
Curation reward: 10.808 SPORTS for merthin/actifit-merthin-20221122t213417124z
Curation reward: 10.743 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20221122t195904736z
Curation reward: 10.544 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20221122t194506318z
Curation reward: 10.389 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20221122t090844837z
Curation reward: 7.841 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221122t060838489z
Author reward: 814.930 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221122t060838489z
Curation reward: 10.100 SPORTS for pjansen/actifit-pjansen-20221121t224351106z
Curation reward: 9.919 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20221121t213024530z
Curation reward: 9.748 SPORTS for merthin/actifit-merthin-20221121t210502030z
Curation reward: 9.578 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20221121t202454421z
Curation reward: 9.345 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20221121t084035392z
Curation reward: 8.057 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221121t055039301z
Author reward: 793.518 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20221121t055039301z
Curation reward: 9.035 SPORTS for pjansen/actifit-pjansen-20221120t225513812z
Curation reward: 8.963 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20221120t211226659z
Curation reward: 8.805 SPORTS for merthin/actifit-merthin-20221120t210447180z
Curation reward: 8.659 SPORTS for awah/actifit-awah-20221120t200856192z
Curation reward: 8.509 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20221120t185654895z
Staked 15853.741 SPORTS to edycu007
Staked 69398.921 SPORTS to edycu007