Eduard Robert

Romania, Radauti City
Proud "radautean", working as a network tehnician, non-smoker, bike enthusiast, i love to go to gym early in the mornig, i was for a while volunteer helping stray animals but i don't have any more time to do it but casually i continue to help, and ofc, casual drinker :)
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+104.891 HIVE
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Curation reward: 35.740 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20231203t182909706z
Curation reward: 34.987 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20231203t102423698z
Curation reward: 34.635 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231203t075803131z
Author reward: 161.571 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231203t075803131z
Curation reward: 34.654 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20231203t064236532z
Curation reward: 35.654 SPORTS for silvertop/actifit-silvertop-20231203t045321743z
Curation reward: 34.941 SPORTS for elizabethbit/actifit-elizabethbit-20231203t045320388z
Curation reward: 35.264 SPORTS for teooo/actifit-teooo-20231202t190233401z
Curation reward: 35.936 SPORTS for awah/actifit-awah-20231202t175904725z
Curation reward: 35.538 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20231202t122305086z
Curation reward: 33.790 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231202t062705599z
Author reward: 1866.085 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231202t062705599z
Curation reward: 34.521 SPORTS for silvertop/actifit-silvertop-20231202t044906453z
Curation reward: 35.229 SPORTS for elizabethbit/actifit-elizabethbit-20231202t044903722z
Curation reward: 35.520 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20231202t033459862z
Curation reward: 34.834 SPORTS for awah/actifit-awah-20231201t221031577z
Curation reward: 35.424 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20231201t214021760z
Curation reward: 34.268 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20231201t080453988z
Curation reward: 34.476 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20231201t063746722z
Curation reward: 33.156 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231201t055404417z
Author reward: 190.718 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231201t055404417z
Curation reward: 35.371 SPORTS for silvertop/actifit-silvertop-20231201t044201899z
Curation reward: 34.664 SPORTS for elizabethbit/actifit-elizabethbit-20231201t044200324z
Curation reward: 34.106 SPORTS for awah/actifit-awah-20231130t210126466z
Curation reward: 34.776 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20231130t200642361z
Curation reward: 35.426 SPORTS for teooo/actifit-teooo-20231130t195650355z
Curation reward: 33.626 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20231130t065250452z
Curation reward: 32.035 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231130t063130088z
Author reward: 179.080 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231130t063130088z
Curation reward: 34.056 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20231130t053501176z
Curation reward: 34.394 SPORTS for silvertop/actifit-silvertop-20231130t044703825z
Curation reward: 35.096 SPORTS for elizabethbit/actifit-elizabethbit-20231130t044702150z
Curation reward: 33.662 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20231129t211718135z
Curation reward: 34.096 SPORTS for awah/actifit-awah-20231129t192437385z
Curation reward: 31.829 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20231129t091726054z
Curation reward: 32.224 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20231129t074620620z
Author reward: 163.517 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231129t063038303z
Curation reward: 34.658 SPORTS for silvertop/actifit-silvertop-20231129t044158686z
Curation reward: 35.365 SPORTS for elizabethbit/actifit-elizabethbit-20231129t044153041z
Curation reward: 35.358 SPORTS for awah/actifit-awah-20231128t234739725z
Curation reward: 35.488 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20231128t173752768z
Author reward: 0.018 SPORTS for edycu007/re-clairemobey-20231128t112737175z
Curation reward: 34.595 SPORTS for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20231128t084253771z
Curation reward: 34.608 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231128t063948431z
Author reward: 233.628 SPORTS for edycu007/actifit-edycu007-20231128t063948431z
Curation reward: 34.303 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20231128t052433928z
Curation reward: 35.575 SPORTS for silvertop/actifit-silvertop-20231128t045827552z
Curation reward: 34.863 SPORTS for elizabethbit/actifit-elizabethbit-20231128t045826930z
Curation reward: 34.442 SPORTS for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20231127t212437417z
Curation reward: 35.353 SPORTS for teooo/actifit-teooo-20231127t204812518z
Staked 85785.84 SPORTS to edycu007
Staked 51899.128 SPORTS to edycu007
Staked 38492.539 SPORTS to edycu007
Staked 16243.428 SPORTS to edycu007
Staked 15853.741 SPORTS to edycu007
Staked 69398.921 SPORTS to edycu007