Its game 7 as the Edmonton Oilers take on the LA Kings


The Edmonton Oilers are back in Edmonton in Rogers place to take on the

LA Kings in game seven of the opening round of the Stanley cup playoffs

tonight at 8 p.m. mountain time, 10 p.m. eastern time and 7 p.m. pacific time.

The LA Kings won game 6 4-2 to force a game seven tonight.

For a preview of the game you may go here: game preview

Tonights game maybe seen on sportsnet, ESPN, CBC, TVAS, and BSSC.

The game maybe heard on CHED in the Edmonton area, and in the LA area on Iheartradio.

Winner takes all in this 7th game the winner advances to the next round the looser

is done for the season.

If you live in Alberta the 50/50 draw is sitting at $805,080 as of 2:09 p.m. mountain time.

The jackpot shpuld be a good tonight as it is already past that total.

Enjoy the game all

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