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ervin-lemark just finished a 20.47km run, that lasted for 169 minutes.
This run helped ervin-lemark burn 1204.0 calories.

Description from Strava:

To be in tune with the fascination I did a tiny part of it myself. 3 yards or three times the distance of 6.7 K starting each lap on the hour. It wasn't easy to run so slow. The goal was to have 50 minutes long laps which would be a 7:35 pace. Even with one-minute walking breaks every 15 minutes in the first lap, extended to two minutes in the next two, I was too quick.

Running laps in the time from 44 to 49 meant at least 11 minutes of wait for the next full hour and the next start. Which is great during day time and in the summer. In autumn at 7 pm, it is not so great to sit and wait while being soaked in sweat.

Well, it's good to know these secrets in advance so you can be prepared.

in the meantime, Backyard Ultra World Team Championships runners are in their 10th lap.

I might run some more yards tomorrow. This was it for today.

Oh, I did 70 meters of climbing in each yard. 210 in total. Not so flat :)

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