Our team is increasing


Dear friends

so we reached 36 limited cards and 28 common cards, so we are going to cover 4 competitions every week.

As we already wrote, we are going to give the free limited card to who will be joining and complete the simple step to buy at list 5 limited cards, so finally you will get 7, one from Sorare and the next from me when Sorare will give it, so be welcome here:


Soon we will do a connection with our Sorare card and INTEL coin, so you can buy our cards using INTEL too, now you can do manually, asking which card you want and we will say how much INTEL you have to pay.

So you are welcome to the game of the future, you will see in the next time how many things will be more enjoing your game play.

We would invite to our lottery game too, please visit our latest post:


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