Crypto Betting Made Simple With Futuur Markets

Crypto has simplified a lot of things, there is no question about it but it has also revolutionized a lot of markets including gambling. Deposits and withdrawals became almost instant and the process of establishing the odds for certain event outcomes have changed a lot. Let’s look at how through the example of Futuur markets.


Futuur is a crypto betting platform where users can bet against each other, rather than betting against a bookie. The way Futuur makes this possible is through open betting on almost any event you can think of. For example, if you think that humans will land on Mars by the end of 2024 you can place a bet on that and compete with others that think differently. Depending on the percentage of YES and NO answers along with the value of those bets odds will be established automatically.


In the case of the above-mentioned Mars 2024 situation, only 18% of the people think that the answer is YES so if you bet on it your potential winning will be roughly 5.4x your bet. The lower the percentage the higher the odds and vice versa.

Benefits Of Crypto Betting

There are a few key points that make crypto betting much better than traditional betting. Here are just a few:

  • Dynamic odds
  • Betting against people instead of bookies
  • Instant deposits and quick withdrawals
  • No KYC requirement until a particular betting volume is reached
  • Instant cashout at any given time


With traditional betting, you would place a bet and wait for the event to conclude before knowing if you won something or not. With Futuur and crypto betting in general, you can sell your bet slip or “share” at any given point in time according to the current market conditions of that bet, as seen in the example above.


I personally don’t like the fact that you can’t connect your wallet directly to the platform with Futuur but creating an account is simple enough. You can even do it using your Facebook account if you still have one.

Regardless of the good and bad sides, it is a simple fact that betting with crypto is a novel and refreshing experience you can’t find anywhere outside of the “cryptoverse”. Once you try it once you will never want to go back.

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