I'm just a bot, sending out crypto and jokes one !LOLZ at a time.
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Author reward: 146.285 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-trezzahn-2023131t23835547z-20230131t013853z
Curation reward: 0.811 SPORTS for definethedollar/jan-29-23
Author reward: 79.148 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-filosof103-2023130t25419938z-20230130t105444z
Author reward: 94.431 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-filosof103-2023129t2080294z-20230130t040818z
Author reward: 112.088 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-filosof103-2023129t2716601z-20230129t100754z
Curation reward: 0.800 SPORTS for definethedollar/jan-27-23
Author reward: 0.001 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-rp78bs-20230128t140232z
Author reward: 251.263 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-filosof103-2023128t03315413z-20230128t083336z
Author reward: 140.123 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023127t1510676z-20230127t181118z
Author reward: 137.575 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023127t7264663z-20230127t172705z
Author reward: 130.866 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023127t234941920z-20230127t144848z
Author reward: 1502.548 SPORTS for lolzbot/lolzfarming-report-1-26-2023
Author reward: 103.202 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-filosof103-2023127t21759555z-20230127t101901z
Author reward: 324.605 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-captaincryptic-2023127t104058816z-20230127t014032z
Author reward: 352.182 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023127t104047542z-20230127t013959z
Author reward: 310.837 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-rp3yck-20230126t193454z
Author reward: 2076.333 SPORTS for lolzbot/lolz-dividends-report-1-26-2023
Author reward: 475.088 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-filosof103-2023126t5316713z-20230126t133214z
Curation reward: 0.708 SPORTS for tengolotodo/re-consciouscat-2023126t72853696z
Curation reward: 0.711 SPORTS for definethedollar/jan-24-23
Author reward: 395.946 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-filosof103-2023125t35225932z-20230125t115400z
Author reward: 410.147 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-sportler-2023124t18584490z-20230125t025943z
Author reward: 501.594 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-filosof103-2023124t18552033z-20230125t025548z
Curation reward: 0.695 SPORTS for definethedollar/jan-22-23
Author reward: 28.839 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-captaincryptic-2023121t91943655z-20230121t001856z
Author reward: 32.307 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023120t81621782z-20230120t181641z
Author reward: 24.831 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-voltz-blag-rosjt4-20230120t154645z
Author reward: 30.979 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023120t234623711z-20230120t144545z
Author reward: 2144.415 SPORTS for lolzbot/lolzfarming-report-1-19-2023
Author reward: 2.451 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-nicklewis-2023120t04748422z-20230119t234809z
Author reward: 37.831 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023119t125420451z-20230119t225442z
Author reward: 36.157 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023120t73952689z-20230119t224050z
Curation reward: 0.647 SPORTS for lolzbot/lolz-dividends-report-1-19-2023
Author reward: 2454.838 SPORTS for lolzbot/lolz-dividends-report-1-19-2023
Curation reward: 0.579 SPORTS for rayius/weekly-challenge-djinn-apprentice-alternative
Curation reward: 0.590 SPORTS for definethedollar/jan-15-23
Curation reward: 0.584 SPORTS for definethedollar/jan-14-23
Curation reward: 0.583 SPORTS for definethedollar/jan-13-23
Author reward: 559.993 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023113t125210157z-20230113t155229z
Curation reward: 0.578 SPORTS for definethedollar/jan-12-23
Author reward: 570.886 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-rofiu9-20230113t145653z
Author reward: 581.693 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023113t233153226z-20230113t143202z
Author reward: 2254.982 SPORTS for lolzbot/lolzfarming-report-1-12-2023
Author reward: 592.731 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-2023113t205641674z-20230113t115633z
Author reward: 599.249 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-lolzbot-roduza-20230112t172351z
Curation reward: 1.023 SPORTS for lolzbot/lolz-dividends-report-1-12-2023
Author reward: 2212.539 SPORTS for lolzbot/lolz-dividends-report-1-12-2023
Author reward: 612.866 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-sportler-2023111t184029663z-20230112t024050z
Author reward: 618.947 SPORTS for lolzbot/re-re-zdigital222-2023110t18205989z-20230111t022037z
Curation reward: 0.961 SPORTS for tekraze/actifit-tekraze-20230110t182518478z
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