Short Evening Run


I just finished a 6.121km running that lasted about 0hh:27mm:5ss !


Another run in the night to keep the momentum going. It was earlier than usual though, just around 7pm. That's quite early for me, with the time change last week end, I try to shift my whole schedule earlier as well. Legs weren't as sore as last run, and I didn't feel too heavy. However, I had felt very tired all day, I even fell asleep for a few minutes in the afternoon. Not something I usually do, even when I am very tired. In the end, slightly under 4 miles again, at a pretty decent 7:07 min/mile pace, that's not bad. Most of my recent runs have been somewhat short, I have to start adding distance now. It's strange, it was exactly the opposite a few months ago. I have to find the right balance.

No surprise in the route, just small streets in the neighborhood. Like I said many times, at night, it is just easier and much safer. If I'm able to run during daylight one of these days, maybe I can try a detour in the woods, at least for a mile or so. Plenty of deer once again, including one that didn't know where to go to avoid me. I actually followed it for a few hundred yards, until it finally jumped a fence. Much less cute and funny, I saw a skunk. I kept my distance of course, but I hope my dogs don't find it or its friends in one of our walks like they always do...

35km so far this month, the trend is good, I just need to keep at it. Hoping for another run tomorrow, and rest on Thursday as rain is in the forecast. But as usual, we'll see how it goes.
Till then, keep Exhausting!

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