Evening Run


I just finished a 6.226km running that lasted about 0hh:27mm:2ss !


Well, the streak is broken. I didn't run on Tuesday because I literally fell asleep before my usual running time. I guess lack of sleep caught up to me. And Wednesday, I suited up, laced up my shoes and was ready to go, but when I opened the door, I was surprised by heavy rain. It wasn't in the forecast at all. I just didn't have the will power to run with that rain, a drizzle is fine, but not that heavy, cold rain. So anyways, this time I had no excuse except light snow, and I convinced myself by deciding on a short run. It was definitely colder, not even one degree above freezing temp. Usually, that is not cold enough to make me wear a jacket, but I noticed during a walk with the dogs that it was quite windy and really felt the windchill. So I did wear a running jacket, and I'm glad I did, cause some portions were really exposed to the wind, and that helped a lot. Of course, that also means that less than 10 minutes into the run, I was already sweating a lot, but that still feels better than the wind.

As for the run itself, pace improvement are confirmed with another run under 7 min/mile. 6:59 min/mile to be exact. It's kind of funny, because I misheard my watch updating my pace for the third mile and thought I had really slowed down. So I really picked up the pace for the last part, just under a mile. But when I checked my stats, I realized the third mile was just a couple seconds slower. I guess that shows that sometimes small extra motivation can really change your performance.

I'm not going to set a time for the next run because too many things to do today and this week end, I'll just play it by ear.
Till then, keep Exhausting!

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