NFL: KC Chiefs

Well I said that I would be back for the NFL playoffs and I decided to warm myself up by coming back for the last two Chiefs games. They have improved considerably from their rocky start which saw me taking the break that I did, as a heart-broken fan I couldn't bring myself to detail out their losses like that anymore and I had come to a point that I had to choose how to spend my time. However, I now have a little more free-time and I decided to get back into writing about the NFL, and the Chiefs specifically for the remainder of the regular season.


The Chiefs have won eight straight games coming off of their miserable and embarrassing loss to the Titans, making them 11-4 on the season. With an eight game run, and their last two games being relatively easy, I figured they would end the regular season with a 10 game win streak. However, today they lost against the Bengals, a team which the Chiefs SHOULD outstrip easily. I was unable to watch the game today unfortunately but I personally think it had something to do with the injuries sustained last week and, with already having clinched 1st in the AFC West, tryin to avoid further injuries to starters going into the Playoffs. It's always nice to see extended winning streaks but, personally, if their strategy is what I previously said, I think it's the better call. Will the Chiefs make a deep play off run? Will they be a Super Bowl contender again? Stay tuned here for the final game of the Chiefs regular season, AFC Play Off game updates, and my best guesses on the NFC.