RE: Hive Fantasy Premier League is adding a use case for SPORTS NFT - Would you start minting?

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I'm really excited for @hivefpl to get started! They have a quality team working on the league and its the perfect fit for our token. I have been impressed with their communication and I'm very happy to be supporting them with the resources I can. I hope when their proposal goes live we have enough community support to get them funded from the token fund as well.

I've already powered up the 1M stake for them and they've already paid the whitelisting so now it's just a matter of working out how things will work with the NFTs. I'm very interested to see what they come up with! I know it would be a ton of extra work for them but I'd love to see a free league and a paid league. The free league could be open to anyone and everyone but the paid league woudl require some kind of NFT to participate. They could then combine the sales of the entry NFTs to build another fantasy pot for the paid league. Tons of options!

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