a new organization, parallel to the UN, should be a representation of models of self-organization not concerned with national interests. Equilibrium, competition, dismantling of khuilocracyes, colonization of deserted eco-squares, experimental consensuses, impunity and immortality


In today's world, the concept of balance is becoming increasingly important. As our societies become more complex and interconnected, it is important to strive for balance to ensure a healthy and sustainable future. This means calculating the various forces acting in skew-sided systems. It lacks dynamic competition, the elimination of khuilocracies (governances based on networks of patronage with contract killings and total lies), the colonization of deserted eco-squares (areas that remain sparsely inhabited due to the harsh state of the environment), experimental consensus (diversity of blockchains) and impunity as the basic principle of legalization - to create an environment for experimentation and provoke natural selection

The world is changing rapidly and it's time for a new diversity. It's time to get active and propose a different model of self-organization that does not prioritize national interests. This new statistical superstructure, which can be called Mathematics Chess Kingdoms (MŠK), is designed to create an environment in which people can work on cluster projects in a common way

Competition has long been considered a necessary evil in the pursuit of equilibrium; however, the models show that wild competition can lead to chaos and prosperity for the primitive if not balanced by mathematical control and the regrouping of golden cows. So it's vital that we find ways to rebuild competitive monsters while allowing innovation to spill over to progress towards higher sustainability goals. The dismantling of khuilocratic structures that are used by powerful elites should promote decentralization, which allows people from different walks of life to have percentage but direct access to all decision-making processes

The mission of MŠK is to facilitate the flow of personnel between different communities to create progressive clusters that are alien to the chain of command around the world. This can be done by creating networks of people with shared values (and even tastes) who share resources, experiences, knowledge, skill sets and ideas to bring what is needed to actual communities

Encouraging innovation within current subnets will improve the overall hypernet and encourage creative thinking beyond traditional boundaries, allowing participants to practice revolutionary paths forward rather than simply relying on keep-alive-working techniques

In addition, the MŠK should become an open 24/7 forum for dialogue between members of competing communities so that they can learn from each other's experiences while developing solutions tailored specifically to their own unique situations. Through this process, MŠK aims for them to feel comfortable enough sharing information with each other without fear of reprisal or exploitation


The colonization of desert eco-squares (with renewable energy right off the bat) could provide clean energy solutions for new generations and old romantics alike; this would be beneficial both economically and environmentally, since these areas are full of potential resources not yet exploited by national miners

Experimental plural consensuses are another way to harmoniously bring people from different walks of life together to achieve cluster goals, without relying solely on traditional hierarchical models in which the opinion of one fool has more weight than the opinions of others combined, which brings us closer to rationality instead of bureaucratic traditions. Governing asses instead of heads has devastating social and economic consequences for many generations

>Immortality may seem far-fetched, but its era is coming, and now all calculations should take into account a new formation armed with transhumanism. A stone's throw to mutants for life in deserts, oceans, ice, underground and outside the Earth