DEC - When is the best time to play?


Now, we know that DEC plays a huge part to the growth of a player. With more DEC, we can buy more cards which contribute to the Power that you will have, which will in turn allow you to propel into higher tier and thus earn more from Loot Chest from the daily quest and in turn help you to grow faster in the game! On top of that, the cards that you buy will allow you to have more diversity and stronger monsters for all situations, giving you more wins that lets you earn more DEC!

So if you realise, DEC or Dark Energy Crystals, is the in game currency that can literally drive the entire game. With more DEC, you literally can excel in this game very quickly. However, if you have been playing the game for some time, I am sure you would realise by now that despite a constant DEC Capture Rate, the amount of DEC you can earn from a match is very very different. Now from my personal observation as well as the awesome members from my guild #nevashia, I learn that you should always push yourself and engage in more battles on the 2nd day after the season ends. Somehow, the amount of DEC rewarded will be more! I know there are some theory to this, involving the pool size and so on... but from observation, if you want to earn more DEC, be sure to exhaust all the DEC Capture Rate on the 2nd day after the season ends. You will not be disappointed


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