Splinterlands Highlights - Gargoya Devil



Who do you think will come out on top? Gargoya Devil or Sea Monster? Almost every time, the devil triumphs. He doesn't win every 1v1 because a level 5 Sea Monster would survive him by 1 HP. He can strike twice thanks to his armor, and because he's a rare monster, he receives precedence over commons. Sea Monster, on the other hand, costs 8 mana. That implies you may utilize 12 mana to close the gap, putting you in a good position to win.

When a ranged monster can easily fight with Sea Monster, one of the most powerful commons, he's clearly monstrous. Gargoya Devil is the first level 4 monster I've purchased. I strongly advise anyone playing on the Silver level to hire him. He's a must-have, especially against the nefarious Kron!

Let it be known that I'm aiming for a maxed silver-level deck with the new reward cards and the upcoming Chaos Legion set. That implies I won't be able to add anything from earlier editions or even previous reward cards to my collection. I'll rent for a few days if I truly want to use any of them. When I think I'm going to need them for a large tournament or something like that.