Azmare DICE Pack Opening


I scored a deal on some @splinterlands Azmare DICE packs from a fellow member, @kennysgaminglife and am going to open them as I acquire enough Legendary and Alchemy potions to give me the best odds at great cards.

I currently have enough potions to open two packs, but I'll stick with opening only one per day for now.

Let's have a look at what's inside:



Flamesmith: This is a good card for destroying the armor of your enemies. Currently trading at $0.41 and renting for 0.10 DEC/day.

Goblin Dartling: This is my second card of this type and it trades for $0.24 and rents for 0.10 DEC/day.

Naga Brute: This monster has no attack, but makes a great blocker against an opponent relying on magic attacks. Magic hits this monster's armor first and with 7 armor at level 1, that's a pretty effective blocker, especially if paired with a monster that reduces the magic power of your opponent. This card trades for $0.32 and rents for 0.10 DEC/day.

Frost Lion: I've accumulated a few of these now and I don't currently find them particularly useful because of their low shield and health levels. The health improves at level 2 and the shield at level 3. Currently trades at $0.27 and rents for 0.10 DEC/day.

Brighton Bloom: This is my second of this card that I've received through a DICE pack. It is currently trading for around $6.30 and renting for 0.34 DEC/day. I've used this card when faced with a battle that has the Earthquake ruleset that hits every monster with 2 melee damage each round if they don't have flight ability. The Brighton Bloom gives all your monsters the flight ability. Be aware that there is a counter to this card and that is a monster with the Snare ability, which can remove the flight ability from any monster that it attacks.

Total value: $7.54

While Kenny gave me a great deal on these DICE packs, it was certainly more than $7.54 each, but that's just how pack opening goes! Unfortunately, my luck with these DICE packs has been pretty abysmal and I've never gotten a legendary, gold foil, or other high value card from them. Hopefully I will eventually score one of those great cards in this batch of packs.

These DICE packs will keep me busy at least until the Chaos Legion packs drop in the coming weeks to give us something new to collect!

Today's Featured Battle

This was a battle that gave every melee monster the Sneak ability with the Super Sneak ruleset. This means I needed to prepare for an onslaught against my last couple of monsters. I placed Earth Elemental in the last position as it is a 3 mana with 6 health and could absorb that damage well. Next in line is the Unicorn Mustang with 10 health, but a large 3 melee attack and the benefit of a 4 speed so it can get the first strike advantage. The Furious Chicken is there to distract and the 1 mana Creeping Ooze makes sure my monsters get the first strikes and potentially the chance to knock out some of my opponents before they even have a chance to fight back.

Bringing my strategy together is the Mylor Crowling summoner which will hit each melee enemy with 2 damage every time they attack one of my monsters. Overall, this was a very effective strategy.


Watch this battle.

Brawls Are About to Start

Don't forget to select your frays for the upcoming brawls! I've settled into the #3 Fray this time around and will be competing with level 1 Untamed cards only in the PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish guild. I've been testing some new strategies lately and even managed a 21 battle win streak with a completely new tactic. I'm working on a new post to dig into that strategy to help others who may be struggling like I was a month ago. Splinterlands is a game of perseverance and it just takes time to better understand all the various rules and strategies that work best in each scenario.



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