Splinterlands 21-Battle Win Streak!


I recently achieved a @Splinterlands milestone that I never imagined I would, 21 wins in a row!



The @Hive.Pizza community Discord has a really cool Splinterlands bot that announces when a player in our guilds hits certain win-streak milestones. Prior to this win-streak of mine, the highest anyone had ever gotten was 14 wins in a row. We shall see how long my record win streak holds within our guild. Our PIZZA 1 The Stuffed Crust guild has been tearing it up in the brawls and we have some very competitive players amongst us.

If you happened to read my posts for the past couple of months you'll know that I used to struggle significantly with trying to win battles. I would routinely get knocked down to the novice league and it was leading me to get frustrated with the game. After lots of practice and studying strategy, I've now broken the 2,000 rating level despite having a power level of between 1500-6000 depending on how many cards I'm renting.

I had a thought one day to dig myself out of the novice league by renting a few water splinter cards and focus my attention to taking out my opponents with boosted magic attack. This strategy is what led to my epic 21-win streak.

The cards I rented:

Sea Genie


Ruler of the Seas


Coral Wraith


Creeping Ooze


Why These Cards?

The central theme of my strategy was to get the highest magic attack per monster possible. I looked through the rental market and selected those monsters with 2 magic attack. Adding the +1 magic attack from the Alric Stormbringer summoner and these monsters would have 3 magic attack per turn. The daily cost of this rental strategy is currently $0.35, mostly due to the Ruler of the Seas card that costs $0.33 per day for its great stats that include 2 magic attack, 3 speed, 5 health, and Blast ability.

I believed that 3 magic attack per monster per turn would prove very powerful. But, it wasn't quite enough. I needed to make sure that these monsters got the first shot to avoid them being knocked out in the first round due to their relatively low health stats. So I also rented Creeping Ooze to deduct one speed point from my opponent.

Magic attack is great because it ignores an opponents shields and goes directly against their health points.

Let's take a look at my 20th straight win to see how these cards performed against an opponent with a similar strategy:

Win #20

Watch this battle.

In this battle, we both were focused on magic attack and each had a +1 magic summoner. However, because the base attack power of my opponent was only 1 point, and 3 of my 4 magic monsters had a base attack level of 2, I should be able to make quick work of eliminating their defenses.

While we both had a Spineback Turtle tank up front, my opponent also had a backup tank in the second position, Peaceful Giant. The Peaceful Giant monster has no attack, but just serves as a roadblock to occupy an opponents attack while their own backline monsters can attack without being threatened.

Despite my opponent's attempt to block me out, my supercharged magic attack strategy took out their monsters quickly and resulted in my victory.

I did come across a couple of opponents who used magic-suppressing tanks against me in my 21-win streak but none were enough to completely shut down my lineup until I got to battle #22.

Battle #22 - Streak Broken


Watch this battle.

This battle did not allow any legendary monsters and also had a rather low mana cap that prevented me from using my Ruler of the Seas monster. The use of the Unicorn Mustang in the tank position by my opponent helped defend against my magic attack onslaught. My monsters just simply didn't have enough health to overcome the high starting health of the Unicorn Mustang. These low-mana battles are usually the most difficult for me and I successfully fought off similar defensive strategies when the mana cap was much higher. My next focus of studying strategy will be on these low-mana battles.

Congrats to @oak99showme for breaking my win-streak so effectively!

Final Thoughts

While this strategy worked well to get me out of the Bronze leagues, it becomes much more difficult once hitting Silver rating because the battle rules change so much and can be quite restrictive. I expect that I will stay in this range for a while before I even consider making a competitive run within the Silver leagues, especially since I am a card renter and have a very inferior deck of owned cards.

My current rating places me in Gold III if I were to rent a bunch of cards to hit 100,000 power. I'm not sure it will be cost-effective to do so yet, but those 22 loot chests for Gold III season rewards look very tempting compared to the 7 loot chests I get for my normal power level of owned cards!

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Congratulations on your longest winning streak of 21. That is a nice feat.
I am close to you with 17.
I give you some !LUV and !PIZZA.



🤯 21 wins in a row?! Congratulations, that is really a tough record to beat.
🙈 My own so far is six…


Thanks! A good stretch of luck is indeed necessary for something like this. Hopefully, you'll catch a lucky streak soon too! !PIZZA