SPORTS Token Fund Proposal: @hivebuzz World Cup Contest Sponsorship

This is a proposal to send 10,000,000 SPORTS to @hivebuzz.pool to sponsor their World Cup Contest. With the entire Hive community focused on football we believe it's imperative that we help promote and grow this event and the sporting culture on Hive. Regardless of the funding of this proposal we hope you will all participate in the contest.

HiveBuzz World Cup Contest

The proposal will be set to distribute 500,000 SPORTS for 20 days starting on Nov 22, 2022 until Dec 12, 2022 to @hivebuzz.pool. In case you're interested I've copied how their winners will be selected and pasted below. I highly recommend reviewing their announcement for more details.

What reward can you receive?

The prize pool will be split among participants using the following rules:

1st place: 20% of the prize pool
2nd place: 10% of the prize pool
3rd place: 5% of the prize pool

The rest of the prize pool will be distributed among all the participants in proportion to the number of badges they collected and the total of successful bets from the participants.

All participants (except the first 3 winners) collected 1000 badges
You have successfully guessed 34 match results.
You will receive 34/1000th of the rest of the prize pool.

How are the winners determined?

When the competition is over, we will count the number of badges collected by each participant. The more badges you have collected, the higher your place in the ranking.

In the event of a tie between the top players, the winner will be the one who first collected all his badges. This means that badges obtained during the group stage will weigh more than those in the final.


  • Player A collected 10 badges during the group phase
  • Player B collected 9 badges during the group phase and 1 for the final
    Therefore Player A will be the winner.

If there is still a tie after applying the previous rule, the guess time (upvote) of the players will decide, the winner being the first to have made their guess (upvote).

To vote to approve this proposal please visit:

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