Sportstalk Curation Showcase #29

Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of the Sportstalk Curation Showcase. This edition is dominated by the FIFA World Cup as literally there is noting else coming through the feed. If you are not a football fan then it is your fault for not writing and contributing to the feed. The following posts are all live meaning they fall within the 7 day window of curation.

Great to see so many more Hive users popping into the Sportstalk tribe dropping their posts through the feed and this is what these big sporting events create as it generates interest in everyone. You don't have to be a football fan to get involved ,just enjoy the spectacle.

If it's in the Game?

@tarazkp kicks off tonight with his post about the VAR system and quite rightly blames everyone for it's existence. There has been plenty of human error in the past that have changed the outcome of various matches as @tarzkp mentioned Maradona's "hand of God" moment knocking England out of the World Cup many moons ago. The good thing is this can and should make sure the correct decisions are reviewed, but then again who says they will if they are crooked as they could easily play the incident down. Certain incidents are not so clear cut and you still end up with a 50/50 call in most instances. The worry as @tatazkp mentioned is that where does this technology stop as there has to be a point or why do we even have a referee. The technology I like is the wrist watch which vibrates when the ball has crossed the goal line letting the referee know instantly. As a technical sport the rules of football are very easy and straight forward, but somehow we have actually made it far more complex by having the incorrect individuals running around with the whistle. Players are to blame as they try and deceive the officials with their acting skills continuously as they have perfected the dive in the penalty box. This wont end well as give the VAR another 10 years and everyone would have wished they had kept quiet and will miss the man in the middle. I always enjoy Taraz's posts as they are always thought provoking and on cue with the latest trends.

That was underwhelming. CROATIA-MORROCO

@lordbutterfly is a disappointed fan as he has every right to feel as though his team has let him down big time. He is not alone though as many of the teams have failed to come close to expectations. Countries playing against unfancied opposition and getting mauled in the process. I have a theory on this and will write about that later tonight as many teams are undercooked. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa I delivered 40 bicycles to the Swiss team 3 weeks before the start of the tournament as they were already preparing themselves at their home base. This World Cup is different as it is sandwiched in the middle of the Northern Hemispheres football season leaving them without the luxury of time. Argentina are Southern Hemisphere, but plenty of their players play in the Northern Hemisphere so getting together as a squad has not really allowed time for prep work. Croatia will bounce back as they have no choice and I am sure @lordbutterfly will be far happier against Canada on the 27th.

Football Scripts: How Betting Corrupted Football

@amirtheawesome1 comes up with a cracking post this week about how betting ahs corrupted football. I think this can be laid at the feet of many other sports as betting is big business. Back in the day before the virtual assistant referee (VAR) 2005 a German referee managed to influence 23 matches in one season. Lets face it if the ref is crooked even VAR is not safe as you would just have to have the perfect crooked team working that game plus not all games have VAR either. There are other instances of other match fixing episodes and I recommend your read this as it is very interesting highlighting how things have played out over the years. had no clue there were even ghost games on twitter, but makes sense as money can be made out of thin air apparently.

I don't even like the sport but that Argentina vs Saudi Arabia game was off the hook!

@sports.guy55 is a prime example of what I mentioned earlier that even people who don't like the sport are watching the World Cup. I am a sports lover and even I am pushed to avoid certain games as this can become overkill having 4 games every day. I think many non football fans are enjoying the upsets as this is not normal. Most tournaments there is at least one shocker, but not like this within days of each other. @sports.guy55 was glued to the screen like all of us when this match was turned on it's head by pure magic.

Another great week in the Sportstalk tribe and like everyone else is waiting to see what happens next and if there are any more upsets. Like always stay busy and engage with others as this is how the tribe grows from strength to strength. Until next time have a great week.

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