Lichess Team Liga: We advanced, by a hair´s breath! Next round tomorrow!

Dear chessfans!

last Sunday our Hive-Blockchain chess team went through its third battle of the "Lichess Liga Team Battle" (more about this event here). After 2 wins in a row, it was this time a bumpy ride to the third place which secured our promotion to the next level!

We played in Liga 10B, with 59 players present from 9 teams, and this time we never saw the first place, but were most of the time between 4th and 5th. I was thanks to the great weather all day out on a field trip and came almost too late to join - and played quite terrible, with 1 win and 5 losses after 6 games. Only in the second half I had more luck and blundered less, and in the last minutes we finished only with 3 points lead at rank 3 - enough to make it to liga 9 tomorrow. Since we were only third, we will go to liga 9A. I don´t know but it feels like it will be even more tough. So I hope tomorrow some strong players join our team!!

Here are the final standings:

Thanks a lot to ALL participants: @emic, @rosmarly, @lighteye, @hannes-stoffel, @agreste, @rodrook, @stranger27, @dhilan04 (tortyllan) and @sammy00 (migmag). To the 7 top-ranked ones I sent already as promised 1 Hive each!


The next event starts tomorrow Thursday, 25th May, 18h GMT.

We will be in liga 9A (ranked up from last time). The more from our team participate, the higher our chances will be to get a good result and improve in the rankings. E.g. if we end up in the top 3, we will be in liga 8 next time! If we make it to rank 8 only, we will be back to liga 10.

How far can we get?

The rules:

  • Everybody in our Lichess team can join using the link to the tournament (pick our team if asked 😃, in case you are part of multiple teams)
  • A win collects 2 points for our team, a draw 1
  • Only the results of the 7 best contributors of each team are counted in this liga (but all skill levels are important, because each win means potentially less points for the other teams!)
  • Every Thursday and Sunday are tournaments
  • The links to the upcoming tournaments are - dependent on our result - already provided in the description of the tournament itself and also on our team page.

Mode: 3+0 (3 minutes per game, no increment per move), 100 min. rated arena, win streaks & berserk allowed

Tournament Link:


! [Mention List]
Potentially of interest to:
@aakrist @abimbola753 @acidtiger @agreste @aiuna @alucian @artsbreezy01 @ajumaa @alberto0607 @alexmag1988 @almightymelon @alpha @ambarvegas @anadello @andzhi @anli @anomadsoul @apy @arsenal49 @artistparthoroy @astrolabio @awesomeintrigue @b0s @behiver @beyondhorizonmm @bitsignal @burnoutawesome @camiloferrua @cerati @chessbrotherspro @chesthetica @clixmoney @cryptogee @cryptoniusraptor @cryptoph0823 @cryptopi314 @dhilan04 @darruiz @diegofitness92 @digitalis @ebingo @eliaschess333 @elprofe62 @emeka4 @eniolw @eenriquerivas @engilhramn @evgsk @fcastro177 @fiona777 @flaws @foxconnmars @franciscomarval @franu @gabotask @giacomone @gingerbyna @grafo07 @hannes-stoffel @heimindanger @herz-ass @hierro21 @hirohurl @hivetrader @iamchessguy @iammanythings1 @ibizaki @iceblue @iobates @ironshield @jaki01 @jesusmgl1995 @jesustiano @jkms @johannfrare @josesmoke @juanmi96 @justfavour @kaungsett8388 @kintokris @kreur @levitant @lighteye @lofone @lucianosky @maciejficek @maestroask @marcusantoniu26 @mario89 @masterswatch @maverieux000 @meedo @memess @mrsarri @mstafford @mundocuriosidad @mypathtofire @nftland1989 @nikoszzz @oadissin @officialrosh1 @olujay @omonomo @orlanzavala @oshiokhenhoya @pamboy27 @parung76 @perpz @petreius @philipp87 @pokerarema @pokermaria @pravesh0 @primersion @ptmaker @rafaelaquino @rafzat @razzor @renerondon @rexplanet @rheda @rodrook @ropavejero @rosmarly @salomijale @samostically @sanjamkapoors @sawko @schamangerbert @schnitte @soluce07 @solymi @spacetoon @steamloled @steemychicken1 @stranger27 @syndmitrij @the01crow @thedoc07 @therealflaws @timix648 @timofey @tin.aung.soe @tony1294 @tungphong @uliseshb @vaipraonde @vasigo @victorbch2 @vjap55 @volkiceper @walner @wegflexor @xoflox @yazp @zacherybinx @ziabutt3836
(just let me know if you don´t want to get the mentions)

As a small incentive, to every player who will be contributing points to the end result (i.e. the top 7 of our team) I will send 1 Hive and 2 Hive to the top ranked player!
Also, 25% of the rewards of this post go the prizepool of S16!




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