Reminder: Final of Hivechess Tournament S14, Friday 20h GMT

Dear chess fans!

The final round 9 of S14 is played this Friday, 27th Jan., at the usual time.
At the same time the great season final between @maestroask and @fcastro177 will take place! Also the match for the third place between myself and @emic will be played. The quarterfinalists who could not make it into the finals, @rosmarly, @lucianosky, @lighteye and @stranger27, can take part in the arena tournament (but won´t get points there because their rank in S14 is already decided).

In this round it will be identified who will be a fixed quarter finalist of the next season! The current standings after 8 rounds you can find here, so it seems @rodrook has great chances!

Mode: 6+0 (6 minutes per game, no increment), 7 rounds Swiss tournament

Tournament Link:


The price pool contains already 558 Hive plus 506 LEO!


They will be conducted again at the same time as the arena tournament.

Each match is counted as best of 5 Blitz games, the time format is 5+2. A win is a point, a draw is ½ points. White starts the games by challenging the opponent.

So as soon as a player has 3 points, he/she is considered the winner and the match is over.
If after 5 games the score is 2½ : 2½, then the match is continued with 2+1 bullet games until a players scores 2 (=best of 3 games). If again the score is 1½ : 1½, the bullet games are continued and the next won game decides.
After each game the colors are reversed. The player with the less rating starts the first game with the White pieces. Consequently, in case of bullet games are done, the stronger player starts with the White pieces.

Final(first player has White in the first game)
@fcastro177 (FCastro17)@maestroask (Odnoobraz_bcm)
Match for the third place
@stayoutoftherz@emic (emichessmaster)
How to challenge a player and kick off a game?

1.Click on the magnifier symbol on the upper right corner of the Lichess site.

2.Type your opponent´s Lichess name (see above in the table) and click on the "challenge" symbol on the hovering menu!

3.A menu pops up. Ensure that "standard", the correct time format and "rated" is set (unless both players agree upfront otherwise).


4.Once all is set correctly, click on the White king, to start the challenge. As soon as your opponent accepts the challenge, the game starts.

The winner reports the match result in the comments of this post or in the arena tournament chat. In case a player doesn´t show up within 10 minutes (and doesn´t contact his opponent e.g. to suggest a rescheduling by max. 24 hours), he forfeits the match.


  • Players of all skill levels are welcome, from newbies to experts, you just need a free Lichess-account and join our team in Lichess here!
  • Every Friday is one round.
  • Registration fee (for the season, not for each round) was 1 Hive (or HBD), to be sent to @badge-646464, 32 players have registered.
  • Time mode is varying (5+0, 3+2, 2+1,...).
  • The winner of each round gets the number of points equaling the number of players in that round, the second ranked one point less and so forth until the one on the bottom of the table who gets one point. In order to be counted, at least 3 games must have been played.
  • In case two players have the same number of points, the one who played less rounds is first. If that is equal too, then the average tournament performance decides.
  • After 6 rounds, the top 8 ranked players will enter a knockout stage to fight for the champion title, all others continue to play in 3 remaining rounds. The worst result in terms of points among the 6 (top 8) or 9 (rest) rounds will be deleted. The winner of the general section (= 9th ranked) qualifies for the playoff of the next season!
  • PAYOUT: The tournament points of the 6/9 rounds are summed up. 70% of all Hivechess-related post rewards go to the price pool (PP). The tournament winner will get 50 Hive as bonus, the prices for the other players who have entered the knockout stage will be calculated at the end of the season. The rest of the PP is divided among all players equally (40%) and according to the number of tournament points achieved (60%). Participation in 4 rounds is required in order to qualify for the prices.
  • There will be a special price of 5 Hive plus 50 LEO for the highest performance in relation to the own rating (counted by averaging the rating after the first and the last round).
  • There will be a special price of 5 Hive plus 50 LEO for the best tournament report of the season (can be a post, streaming of a round, podcast, whatever)!
  • If I don´t know your Hive username, you won´t be considered for prices, so please let me know your Hive name in the comments! Group or badge accounts can participate but are not qualified for prices! Only individuals can get prices.

Swiss Tournament Rules

As a reminder, there are several differences between the "normal" arena mode and the Swiss mode which needs to be considered:

Arena tournamentsSwiss tournaments
Duration of the tournamentPredefined duration in minutesPredefined max. rounds, but exact duration unknown
Number of gamesAs many as can be played in the allotted durationDecided in advance, same for all players
Pairing systemAny available opponent with similar rankingBest pairing based on points and tie breaks
Pairing wait timeFast: doesn't wait for all playersSlow: waits for all players
Identical pairingPossibleForbidden
Streaks & BerserkYesNo
PointsWin:2, Draw 1, doubled if on fireWin:1, Draw: 1/2, Not paired: 1
Late joinersget no pointsget 1/2 point gift

Please share this announcement among your (chess) friends and colleagues!
The more participate, the more fun! And maybe some are even interested to join Hive and it´s Chess Community?

See you on Friday and good luck to all!


Potentially of interest to:
@aakrist @abimbola753 @agreste @ajumaa @alberto0607 @alexmag1988 @almightymelon @alpha @ambarvegas @anadello @andzhi @anli @anomadsoul @apy @arsenal49 @artistparthoroy @astrolabio @b0s @behiver @beyondhorizonmm @bitsignal @burnoutawesome @camiloferrua @cerati @chessbrotherspro @chesthetica @clixmoney @cryptogee @cryptoniusraptor @cryptoph0823 @darruiz @diegofitness92 @digitalis @ebingo @eliaschess333 @elprofe62 @emeka4 @eniolw @eenriquerivas @evgsk @fairy-of-comfort @fcastro177 @fiona777 @flaws @foxconnmars @franciscomarval @franu @gabotask @giacomone @gingerbyna @grafo07 @heimindanger @herz-ass @hierro21 @hirohurl @hivetrader @iamchessguy @iammanythings1 @ibizaki @iceblue @iobates @ironshield @jaki01 @jesusmgl1995 @jkms @johannfrare @josesmoke @juanmi96 @justfavour @kaungsett8388 @kintokris @kreur @levitant @lighteye @lofone @lucianosky @maciejficek @maestroask @marcusantoniu26 @mario89 @masterswatch @maverieux000 @meedo @mrsarri @mstafford @mypathtofire @nftland1989 @nikoszzz @officialrosh1 @orlanzavala @oshiokhenhoya @pamboy27 @parung76 @perpz @petreius @philipp87 @pokerarema @pravesh0 @primersion @ptmaker @rafaelaquino @renerondon @rexplanet @rheda @rodrook @ropavejero @rosmarly @salomijale @samostically @sanjamkapoors @sawko @schamangerbert @schnitte @soluce07 @solymi @spacetoon @steamloled @steemychicken1 @stranger27 @syndmitrij @the01crow @thedoc07 @therealflaws @timofey @tin.aung.soe @tony1294 @tungphong @uliseshb @vaipraonde @vasigo @victorbch2 @vjap55 @volkiceper @walner @wegflexor @xoflox @yazp @zacherybinx
(just let me know if you don´t want to get the mentions)



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First time seeing this. This is cool! We got everything here on Hive.
What is the average ELO of players competing? Can a 1500 fellow stand a chance here? Asking for a friend :D


Glad you found us :)
Definitely. He won´t get a top rank, but would not be among the very bottom either.
Here in the most current table you can find also the (Lichess) ratings from our players. A wild mixture of all levels.


Damn, some crazy strong players are around here huh? haha
I gotta brush up on my chess a bit when I find the time. When does the next season start? I might consider participating.


I am interested (neophyte player): what's the Team entry code to Join The Blockchain Chess Team on lichess?



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