Reminder: Round 6 of the Hivechess Tournament S14 , Friday 20h GMT

Dear chess fans!

Round 6 of S14, the first one in 2023, is played tomorrow Friday, 06th Jan., at the usual time.

Please note that this is the round where it will be decided who can proceed to the knockout stage for winning the champion title, the current standings you can find here!

Mode: 6+1 (6 minutes per game, 1 sec. increment), 70 min. arena tournament

Tournament Link:


The price pool contains already 330 Hive plus 501 LEO!


  • Players of all skill levels are welcome, from newbies to experts, you just need a free Lichess-account and join our team in Lichess here!

  • Every Friday is one round.

  • -
    Registration fee (for the season, not for each round) is 1 Hive (or HBD), to be sent to @badge-646464
    , so far 32 players have registered.
  • Time mode is varying (5+0, 3+2, 2+1,...).

  • The winner of each round gets the number of points equaling the number of players in that round, the second ranked one point less and so forth until the one on the bottom of the table who gets one point. In order to be counted, at least 3 games must have been played.

  • In case two players have the same number of points, the one who played less rounds is first. If that is equal too, then the average tournament performance decides.

  • After 6 rounds, the top 8 ranked players will enter a knockout stage to fight for the champion title, all others continue to play in 3 remaining rounds. The worst result in terms of points among the 6 (top 8) or 9 (rest) rounds will be deleted. The winner of the general section (= 9th ranked) qualifies for the playoff of the next season!

  • PAYOUT: The tournament points of the 6/9 rounds are summed up. 70% of all Hivechess-related post rewards go to the price pool (PP). The tournament winner will get 50 Hive as bonus, the prices for the other players who have entered the knockout stage will be calculated at the end of the season. The rest of the PP is divided among all players equally (40%) and according to the number of tournament points achieved (60%). Participation in 4 rounds is required in order to qualify for the prices.

  • There will be a special price of 5 Hive plus 50 LEO for the highest performance in relation to the own rating (counted by averaging the rating after the first and the last round).

  • There will be a special price of 5 Hive plus 50 LEO for the best tournament report of the season (can be a post, streaming of a round, podcast, whatever)!

  • If I don´t know your Hive username, you won´t be considered for prices, so please let me know your Hive name in the comments! Group or badge accounts can participate but are not qualified for prices! Only individuals can get prices.

Please share this announcement among your (chess) friends and colleagues!
The more participate, the more fun! And maybe some are even interested to join Hive and it´s Chess Community?

See you tomorrow and good luck to all!


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I don´t like to play on, but there is now an insanely strong "cat bot" with an ELO rating of 1! It is called Mittens and will also provoke you with some funny text lines. Try it out, if you dare to!



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