Back to back World cup final for the France team as they got Morocco team defeated: A recap

One thing that I know is that when it comes to competition in life there is something that is constant, they must be winner. This is what makes whatsoever competition that is being run interesting and amazing. Assuming there is no winner there is every tendency that the competition will not be interesting. Sometimes I sat down and wonder how the soccer ecosystem is patterned that it made so much sense, we all knows that it is never easy to come up with such an amazing, fantastic and superb ideas. For everybody that contributed to the ecosystem of the growth of soccer especially, they deserves an accolade. Truth be told it is never an easy ride. From research I discovered that the World cup has been in existence for a period of 92 years now, this shows how long it has been running. Ever since it was birthed into reality they have been positivity in it. The impact it create to the world at large is something fantastic and amazing. I just love how the World at large embrace the soccer ecosystem at large. It has really aid in uniting the world together.


With the way the World cup competition which is being hosted in Qatar is currently running, I was saying that the Brazilian side will be the one to lift the World cup trophy but I was surprised at the tail end that the unexpected happened and they were knocked out by the Croatian side. I know how good the Croatian side is and I knows that if you mistakenly failed to capitalise on their weakness they will surely get you disappointed. You know how good their team is as Luka Modric is one player that despite his age, he is doing amazing and wonderfully well. I was really pained seeing him not getting to the final of the Qatar World cup competition. Getting to the final of the Qatar World cup competition and winning it could have mean a lot to Luka Modric as he might be retiring from soccer totally after this World cup.

On the other hand seeing Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo not getting to the final stage is something that pained me also. I was never happy but there is nothing I can do about it. Their team were knocked out of the competition simply because the better side on that day were the one that wins the match. They were able to progress to the other stage of the competition through their hard work and determination. This is what makes the Qatar World cup competition interesting and amazing. Painfully to see that Cristiano Ronaldo might retire after this Qatar World cup competition. We will really be missing him if that eventually happens. He has really impacted the soccer ecosystem amazingly and superbly.


I have grown to see that the France team is a very good team. They have amazing players with fantastic and superb talent. The entire players have their mind set on greatness and with that they have been achieving such result in one way or the other. We all knows that it is never easy getting to the final stage of the World cup competition but they have been able to do it and that is something to be happy about. Even though they won't wins it, getting to the final back to to back is amazing and it is worth celebrating. Seeing the two players that have scored the highest numbers of goals playing against each other is something worth watching.

As we have it, the Argentina side are the side that first of all made it to the final of this amazing and prestigious world cup that is hosted by Qatar. They defeated the Croatia side to advance to the final of the cup. Goals from Lionel Messi helped the Argentina side to gain such victory. With the win over the Croatian side, you need to see how happy I am for Lionel Messi and the Argentina side. If Lionel Messi wins this World cup trophy he might be crowned World best and also he will be happy doing so.


After the Argentina side won their match against Croatia, the France team played and they were able to defeated one of the best team in the competition, Morocco. I really love the fighting spirit which the Morocco side has. The France team defeated the Morocco team 2 nil as goals from Theo Hernandez and R. Kolo Muani does the magic for the France team. The goal came in the 5th minute and 79th minute respectively. You just need to see how happy I am, but at a time I felt sad for my African side, Morocco. Well, they have done amazingly well, it is worth celebrating.

With the win for both side it means that we will be seeing the Argentina side playing the France side which are the defensive champions. Well, I will love the Argentina side to win on that day but nonetheless, let the better side wins.

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France has been impressive in this world cup and their squad is not complete, it is going to be a tough match this Sunday but my money is on Argentina I have faith they are going to win the world cup.