Erling Haaland on fire as Manchester city defeats Leipzig 7nil

As for your information we are in the round of 16 stage of the Uefa champions league competition, for those who are new to sport they should knows that the round of 16 as the name implies means they are 16 teams left in the competition as at that moment. Unlike the world cup where any team that will be drawn to play against each other will play once, when it comes to the Uefa champions league competition, the teams playing against each other are to play two matches against each other. One will be played at their own soil and the other on opponents own soil which simply makes it home and away. It is those that goes top between the top team at the tail end that will eventually qualifies for the Uefa champions league competition next phase spot which is usually the Uefa champions league quarter final spot. Aside the group stage, this is where the competition get more interesting, amazing and fantastic. What I mean is that when it comes to this stage, the competition is more difficult than it seems. Moving from this stage to the next stage depends on a lot of criteria.


Just like what I hinted above, if your team wants to move from this stage to the next stage they definitely needs to make sure that they are putting in their best. Putting in their best requires them to win their match against any team that they are being matched with. Just like what I hinted above, this is the stage that the competition get interesting and emotional. It will be amazing and interesting for you if your team is able to move to the next stage of the Uefa champions league competition. The moment they failed to move to the next stage or eventually ended up winning the Uefa champions league competition you will see what I meant as they will get emotional. We all knows that soccer is always interesting the moment your team is doing well. The moment you noticed that it is going against you, you will be the one lamenting. We knows how fans behave when things are going their ways, you will see them ranting up and down, they will keep saying alot of words about how good their team is but the moment the result keeps going against them they will start lamenting.


Well, as per the above, it is what really makes soccer interesting and amazing. We have to see people arguing up and down, that is what brings us together. Aside that, let us deviate back to what we have at hand which is the match that took place between the Manchester city team and the Leipzig team. The moment the Manchester city team got the Leipzig fc team defeated at their home soil I know for sure that it is going to be a difficult one for the Leipzig fc team. We all knows that when it comes to this competition the Manchester city team are very good with it, their only problem is that they have not won it. Although they have gotten to the final on different occasions but they have lost it which is really painful I must admit. The Manchester city team are always pushing forward trying to win this trophy, I am always impressed by their consistent push, I hope they got rewarded some day. The Leipzig fc team during their first leg of this encounter managed to secure draw between both side during their first meeting. We all knows that it is always two meeting so the other encounter happened yesterday, we all knows that after the first leg comes the other leg just like as I stated above. The other leg encounter was played in England, the home soil of the Manchester city team to be precise. During the match I was expecting the Manchester city team to defeat the Leipzig fc team of Germany. My predictions came to pass as the match ended 7 nil in favour of the Manchester city team. The amazing thing that happened in that match is that Eerling Haaland was able to score five goals. With that assist, he now has five (5) assist to his name during this season. He is in fire. The other goals was from Ilkay Gundogan and K De Bruyne.

With such a fantastic win as the Manchester city team are now through to the quarter final stage of this competition.

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Haaland is absolutely a pure striker and deadly goal scorer that every team would want to have. I think Man city have done a great business getting him into the team, we can all see how they have lacked a real striker after Aguero. For me, all I can see is Real Madrid winning the champions league again this season. I hope other teams can prove me wrong though, I guess we’ll find out soon.