Manchester United inflicted more pains on Bournemouth as they defeated them 3 Vs 0: Epl Recap

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Back to the topic of discussion at hand, we all should knows that all teams at this stage knows that we are in the 2nd phase of the English premier league title competition, what this implies is that deep down no matter what, we shall be seeing all the teams putting all energy intact into ensuring that they don't loose any matches as they are all after win and not even draw. Since that is in place we all can see that teams like Manchester United making sure that they are putting everything in other. This is to ensure that they don't fall out of the top 4 spot. We all see how they played against Bournemouth fc and makes sure that they don't play with chances at all. The three point helps them to move into the top four position with 35 point. The goals came from Casemiro in the 23rd minute, 49th minute by L. Shaw and 86th minute by M. Rashford. You just have to see how the (Manchester United) team put in a good effort into ensuring that they got the three point that they wanted.

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Another outstanding performance from the red devils and Rashford is on fire the guy can't stop scoring goals in every match.