Women's Africa cup of Nations Competition: Time to take a look at the women's world

We all knows that when it comes to the women's world, referring to when it comes to sport related activities many people don't take it seriously. I simply still don't knows why but it is a shame seeing the Women playing and men dont take them serious. As for me I have grown to love them amazingly, I don't play with their competition. Many men simply over looks it maybe because they thinks their competition is not competitive enough. They might be right to an extent but wrong also, the Women league has grown and improved more than the stage we all knows back then, there is a lot of seriousness and dedication right now when it comes to the Women ecosystem. I so much love what I am seeing when it comes to their activities. They might look like a weaker vessel as you all says it, but they are amazing when it comes to sport related activities too. We just need to accord them that respect.


The reason why I have grown to love the Women's Africa cup of Nations competition is simply because it has a lot of amazing talking and captivating moment. There is no way you will go through their history and got tired, you will keep seeing different things that will gives you goosebump and a lot of smiling and laughing moment. It is so painful that I have been over looking this competition, I need to get back to my drawing board and start looking back into it. The competition is so interesting and fun to watch.

Permit me to give you some little break down that might gives you a smiling face when it comes to this competition. Permit me to feed you with some interesting update on why you should take a look at the Women's Africa cup of Nations competition also. You don't need to be left out at all. Sitting on the fence is not allowed. Well, just like as I have said, brace yourself as I gets you entertained about some certain things that you need to know when it comes to the Women's Africa cup of Nations competition. You will definitely loves it.


The first edition of the Africa Nations cup competition was held in the year 1991. According to source, the competition wasn't held biennal before, it was in the year 1998 that they started hosting it every two years which I am referring to as biennal. I am so shocked seeing some record in this competition. Incase you don't know the competition is being sponsored by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). As per the Confederation of African football, I will say they have done well by improving from the beginning of the Women's Africa Nations cup competition.

The moment you made mentioned of the competition what should runs into your mind should be Nigeria. When it comes to the competition they are the most successful side. It look as if the competition is their birth right as they have won the trophy a record eleven (11) times. What a record, this implies that they have won almost all the Women's Africa cup of Nations competition that has been hosted.


As per the Women's Africa cup of Nations competition, the only time the Nigeria women fails to wins, it was won by the Equatorial Guinea side. I must commend them for being strong as they offset the winners list if not it will just look like as if the competition is born for the Nigeria women's team only. Aside that, I must admit that I am also happy seeing different countries women stepping up and trying to win's the competition too, their style of play and performance has really improved over the years.

For your information this current Africa Women's cup of Nations competition is currently hosted by Morocco and it shall be played from 2nd of July to on the 23rd of July, 2022. There is another reason to take this competition very serious, the first four (4) team that wins the fourth (4th) place position, third (3rd) place, second 2nd) place and the first (1st) place shall automatically qualify for the Women World cup competition spot. This is one reason why all teams are now putting in their best, they wants to qualify for the world cup position.

Lastly on my list is that when it comes to this competition i.e the Women's Africa cup of Nations competition, Nigeria are the defensive champions. They will be looking forward to fighting for their trophy once more. At the start of the competition they lost to South Africa but they have now bounce back by winning their last two matches which now qualifies them for the other stage of the competition.

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Stay tune as I will get you more updated as things progresses with this competition.

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