This Is Awesome - The Quantum Leap - Our Plan To Improve APR On HP Delegations

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This Is Awesome

The goal of this project is to grow the Hive ecosystem by rewarding awesome content, and we do that by following curation trails that curates good content, much of it manually, and in the following categories.

Then we also highlight 5 posts on most days (not all days), 1 from each category in a PeakD Curated Collection post.

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The Quantum Leap - Our Plan To Improve APR On HP Delegations

So as we said in our last weekly payouts to delegators we would reveal our plan for how to improve APR on HP delegations, This Is Awesome - Weekly Payouts To Delegators #143.

While the APR for our AWESOME token is outstanding and continues to be so, and we also have good policies in place to keep it that way, APR on HP delegations have been going down, and the cause is falling prices on tokens.

Now because of that it has also taken quite a bit of time to form a plan for how to improve APR on HP delegations in a way where good delegation APR can attract new HP delegators in a sustainable way over time to make this project grow in step with the growth of our AWESOME token.

So here is the plan.

Step 1

This is what can be implemented right away, and it is to pay out a lot more tokens, basically go from paying out 5 tokens to pay out all tokens we earn from.

Our Hive earnings will still be used to buy AWESOME as before, but we will pay out half that AWESOME to HP delegators, while selling the other half to buy CTP, ALIVE, CCC and SPORTS, which is the core tokens we are focused on curating.

For tribe tokens we will stake 10% of the tokens that pay out all liquid, then pay out the other 90% to HP delegators, and for tribe tokens that pay out part staked we will not stake anything in addition to that but pay out all the liquid earnings we get.

As to non tribe tokens we will pay them out to delegators as well, or if those earnings are not enough to get all HP delegators a payout we will sell them to buy AWESOME with instead.

The spreadsheet template we use for the calculations is already optimzed so far that we only need to add a few extra columns for each token we pay out, and we will start with this on our next payout on Monday, January 30 2022.

Step 2

We need a second moderator for our daily curation report, right now we can not do this on all days of the week as only @flaxz is doing all the work, but if we have a second moderator we can get these reports done on all days, which will increase our author rewards.

We do not yet have someone to do this, but if any of our delegators are interested then please contact us about it.

Step 3

This step will take some time to implement, and it consists of 3 parts that all need to be launched at the same time.

  1. Accept delegations of Hive-engine tokens, where delegators gets the benefit of using a Tipu like command to curate with, which will call a bot to upvote the content with the @thisisawesome account, we will white list what tokens can be delegated, and the Hive value of the delegations will determine what level they can curate with and how many times, and we will start with our core tokens to work out what those levels should be placed at.
  2. Creating this curating bot using Alivebot as a template for it, which @flaxz is already familiar with as he made it by forking the Open Source Pizzabot and then adapted it for use with the ALIVE token, and it is not too hard to adapt it for curation instead of tipping.
  3. Create a script to automatically adjust vote weight multipliers so they stay on optimal levels without having to do that manually as that takes too much time.

By doing this we get a lot more voting power for tribe tokens, while we pay for those token delegations by allowing delegators to curate with our account, and making it even more manual than before, though we will keep following curation trails as a backup.

This also means that we will earn more curation rewards as well, and can therefore pay out higher rewards to HP delegators, and as that grows so will HP delegations, which will in turn attract more token delegations, at least that is what we hope for, and why we call it a quantum leap.

Mention All HP Delegators

Please add your feedback, and also if you know someone or you yourself want to be a moderator for our daily curation report then please tell us.


Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

This Is Awesome

This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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What does the moderator role you mentioned entail? What are the tasks involved, and I'm assuming it's not a paid position in any way. I would !LUV a bit more detail.


Our daily curation report features 5 posts that we have curated, 1 from each category that we are focused on, and a moderator would select them, make a personal comment on each and then include them in the post with a short description, on days when I can't do it myself.

Back in 2020 when we had a full team of moderators each got a 5% post beneficiary, and I think we will need that for this too.



Thank you for the detailed response! That is certainly helpful... and I have been thinking about jumping in and getting much more involved. I have been more of a passive curator and commenter as of late. And although I'm invested in CTP-- and have joined the related projects I know of-- I am not yet familiar with the ALIVE/Luke content. I don't know if I would be a good fit.


That is fantastic to hear, and as to IAAC and Luke it is not too hard to learn, making a report takes about 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish, once you have learned the ropes.



Sounds great @flaxz
Thank you for the awesome rewards my friend
Have the best weekend


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You're welcome @thisisawesome, thanks for your constant motivation 😊👍


Very good