This Is Awesome - Weekly Payouts To Delegators #147

Authored by @flaxz

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This Is Awesome

The goal of this project is to grow the Hive ecosystem by rewarding awesome content, and we do that by following curation trails that curates good content, much of it manually, and in the following categories.

Then we also highlight 5 posts on most days (not all days), 1 from each category in a PeakD Curated Collection post.

White Paper

Here is our White Paper laying out the details for how we have tokenized our Hive Power, White Paper - $AWESOME.

Made in Desygner and Adazing

You can trade the AWESOME token here,

Here is also a snapshot of the growth in token value of the AWESOME token, and taken exactly 237 full days after the snapshot for our airdrop.

Screenshot from Google Drive

  • APR Start All = The APR counted from our launch at our starting price of 1 Hive.
  • APR Now All = The APR counted with the current price, and using the whole history from our launch.
  • APR Now Week = The APR counted with the current price, and using the history of the last week.
  • Backing Hive = The combination of the Hive Power on @thisisawesome and the Hive in our buy orders on @awesomecuration.

Weekly Payouts To Delegators #147

In order to attract delegators to this project we reward them with weekly payouts of our token earnings, and we stake 10% of the tokens that don't have a staked part when issued and then we pay out the rest of our token earnings to delegators, and right now we pay out CTP, ALIVE, AWESOME, CCC, SPORTS, BEE, POSH, POB, WAIV, PGM and ARCHON tokens according to average weekly Hive Power delegation, and we are evaluating more to add, and this week we have added CENT.

Half of our weekly AWESOME is also used to buy CTP, ALIVE, CCC and SPORTS on the market, as those are our core focus, and that is also paid out in the same manner as the rest.

This Is The Payouts For This Weeks Delegations

You can read the full details of the calculations for the payout in this spreadsheet on Google Drive.

Screenshot from Google Drive

Screenshot from Google Drive

Thank You Very Much!

Delegate to this project using PeakD, login and open your wallet, you find it in the Hive Power section, minimum is 1 HP.

Delegation APR

The delegation APR for this week was 6.47% using Highest Bid, and 8.48% using Lowest Ask.

Screenshot from Google Drive

You can view the calculation for this in the same spreadsheet as the payouts above.

Final Thoughts

So this week @heartbeatonhive delegated 5 HP, @ana-maria increased her delegation to 10 HP, and @benthomaswwd increased his delegation to 15 HP, thank you all very much.

APR for our AWESOME token is now 385% if you bought it on day 1, or 110% if you buy it today, and it's 101% if you buy it today and count the performance over the past week.

Since our launch 237 days ago our AWESOME token has increased in value by 250%, all 100% backed by the combination of the Hive Power on @thisisawesome and the Hive in our buy orders on @awesomecuration, and tokens issued minus tokens burned are now 817.530.

Mention all delegators.


We continue to work towards our goal of growing the Hive ecosytem by rewarding Awesome Content, and a big thanks to all our delegators for your awesome support, these where all thoughts for this week, and ...

Stay Awesome!

This Is Awesome

This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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Love your projects @flaxz 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 thanks for everything!



Great job @thisisawesome
Amazing project thanks for the rewards


Thank you for the payouts! And thank you for providing us with this project as an opportunity for growth!


Thank you very much Jaco, I am glad you like it.