A Perfect Running Environment

I just finished a 5.293km running that lasted about 0hh:30mm:1ss !


Yesterday we could not go out for a run, it was a day of torrential rain around here. The Mediterranean Weather has these things during the spring and fall seasons.
One day it's hot to die for and another the torrential rain makes normal life impossible.
In any case, we have returned to running and this time, enjoying a delicious temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, clean atmosphere and soft ground when the asphalt is not stepped, of course.
Enzo has been more active than normal, it has been difficult for me to direct him at times, possibly because cooler temperatures are better for him than higher ones.
We have done our usual routine on the hill, including core work midway through as well.
Complete session to start the working day in a perfect environment.
What more can we wish for?
Keep on running!


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