My Prep for the Next higher League in Rabona: Budget and Priorities


Every game player would agree that the excitement and fun in gaming is the ability of the player to deploy the right strategies that places the team in the winning position. While many may see Play2Earn games from the perspective of the monetary rewards, however, the true reward starts at the instance of the game-play.

Playing Rabona game can be boring if the player lacks the basic skills and strategy to keep his team healthily on top of the league. It's been 7 seasons of arduous learning and trying of several factor combinations to get my team to remain on a favourable league. Rabona game has Four major leagues namely:

  • League of Champions
  • League 1
  • League 2
  • League 3

Finishing four spots to the bottom of the table makes a team to relegate and demoted to a lower league. Also, finishing on top of the table qualifies the team to be promoted to the next higher league. From my experiences, it is important that any Rabona player be able to keep his team on League 2 or higher where rewards are tangible. I have stayed on League 2 longer than any other league. I had a single taste of League 1 and Three times I was demoted to League 3.


I am excited with my team's performance this season and their efforts have earned them the top spot on the league with 12 more matches to the end of the season. I am very optimistic that the team can stay on top of the table to the end of the season and make it to the next higher League and I am already making preparations so I cam maximize the higher rewards that the next higher league can offer its players.

This preparations required a careful allotment of a budget of about 42 million RBN. This preparations involved upgrading of facilities to boost my team performances as well as improving my income. Where care is not taken, a player can earn up upgrading facilities that would make the team run into deficit.


We have carefully stayed safe and profitable with an average seasonal reward of 35 million RBN and I wouldn't want to go lower despite improving my stadium facilities and expanding my income sources. Very much care and wisdom was required in the allotment of the 42 million RBN tokens so it can be recovered in the next Three seasons.

It must be understood that every improvement in stadium facilities comes with corresponding increase in operating cost of the team in addition to the upgrade cost. It is always important to look carefully at the additional operating cost even more carefully than the upgrade cost.

My budget details to improve the operations of my tema from next season in league covered three subheads:

  • Stadium Upgrade (35 million RBN)
  • Youth Centre Upgrade (8 million RBN)
  • Training Center Upgrade (1.28 million RBN)

Stadium Upgrade

The essence of the v is to help cater for the anticipated increase in fans when my team tops the league at the end of the season. The stadium is already operated at 82% full capacity. It is very likely that we'll need an additional 12,000 seats as we march to League 1.

Youth Centre Upgrade

Upgrading the Youth Centre is to improve the scouting efficiency for new players. This is very important as player salary is always the highest cost of running a Rabona team.

Training Center Upgrade
Playing a higher league comes with a pressure on the team Overall Strength,. It is expected that you win at least 50% of the matches to be able to stay within the league. Upgrading the Training Center will give my team a home advantage to help us secure a win in every home game.

We're prepared for the next rise. It comes with a cost and good allocation skills.


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