Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPORTS can be converted to SPORTS POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-4488.59 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 131.743 SPORTS for browery/actifit-browery-20220120t194155988z
Curation reward: 133.972 SPORTS for mariya36/actifit-mariya36-20220120t153703229z
Curation reward: 136.141 SPORTS for cryptoplanetbg/actifit-cryptoplanetbg-20220120t151022291z
Curation reward: 130.974 SPORTS for dontcare89/actifit-dontcare89-20220120t143514198z
Author reward: 278.218 SPORTS for venan/actifit-venan-20220120t110628845z
Curation reward: 128.035 SPORTS for mushanov/actifit-mushanov-20220120t054430837z
Curation reward: 123.154 SPORTS for projectmamabg/actifit-projectmamabg-20220119t220057803z
Curation reward: 136.174 SPORTS for cryptoplanetbg/actifit-cryptoplanetbg-20220119t171739803z
Curation reward: 138.443 SPORTS for milabogomila/actifit-milabogomila-20220119t153631758z
Curation reward: 130.822 SPORTS for mariya36/actifit-mariya36-20220119t143106079z
Staked 2073.944 SPORTS to venan
Author reward: 1579.642 SPORTS for venan/actifit-venan-20220118t223852372z
Curation reward: 118.684 SPORTS for browery/actifit-browery-20220118t202602805z
Author reward: 0.015 SPORTS for venan/re-dontcare89-2022118t221527709z
Curation reward: 126.810 SPORTS for viviyan/actifit-viviyan-20220118t175352883z
Curation reward: 126.579 SPORTS for mushanov/actifit-mushanov-20220118t055932426z
Author reward: 1006.581 SPORTS for venan/actifit-venan-20220117t223455198z
Curation reward: 124.109 SPORTS for vasilev89/actifit-vasilev89-20220117t191653800z
Curation reward: 132.752 SPORTS for dontcare89/actifit-dontcare89-20220117t185829427z
Curation reward: 126.783 SPORTS for viviyan/actifit-viviyan-20220117t183820095z
Curation reward: 129.015 SPORTS for mushanov/actifit-mushanov-20220117t091840049z
Curation reward: 137.754 SPORTS for pagane/actifit-pagane-20220116t213346441z
Curation reward: 135.024 SPORTS for cryptoplanetbg/actifit-cryptoplanetbg-20220116t212314437z
Curation reward: 126.902 SPORTS for projectmamabg/actifit-projectmamabg-20220116t200649014z
Author reward: 277.222 SPORTS for venan/actifit-venan-20220116t130304657z
Staked 1044.316 SPORTS to venan
Curation reward: 133.532 SPORTS for mushanov/actifit-mushanov-20220115t074721514z
Curation reward: 129.015 SPORTS for nikoleondas/actifit-nikoleondas-20220114t224744340z
Author reward: 226.576 SPORTS for venan/actifit-venan-20220114t215929311z
Curation reward: 142.378 SPORTS for milabogomila/actifit-milabogomila-20220114t214929243z
Curation reward: 140.034 SPORTS for pagane/actifit-pagane-20220114t202730817z
Curation reward: 134.272 SPORTS for vasilev89/actifit-vasilev89-20220114t193321299z
Curation reward: 135.548 SPORTS for mariya36/actifit-mariya36-20220114t164126668z
Curation reward: 133.787 SPORTS for poliac/6-15
Curation reward: 139.604 SPORTS for mushanov/actifit-mushanov-20220114t042430532z
Curation reward: 130.394 SPORTS for browery/actifit-browery-20220113t234626455z
Curation reward: 142.553 SPORTS for milabogomila/actifit-milabogomila-20220113t215003539z
Author reward: 223.638 SPORTS for venan/actifit-venan-20220113t214552270z
Curation reward: 139.730 SPORTS for cryptoplanetbg/actifit-cryptoplanetbg-20220113t174222976z
Curation reward: 137.558 SPORTS for mariya36/actifit-mariya36-20220113t131841082z
Staked 2647.039 SPORTS to venan
Curation reward: 127.391 SPORTS for browery/actifit-browery-20220113t084353921z
Curation reward: 133.198 SPORTS for viviyan/duyvczry
Curation reward: 146.821 SPORTS for milabogomila/actifit-milabogomila-20220112t215306828z
Author reward: 961.642 SPORTS for venan/actifit-venan-20220112t215136296z
Author reward: 22.501 SPORTS for venan/re-mariya36-2022112t213537744z
Curation reward: 148.814 SPORTS for milabogomila/actifit-milabogomila-20220112t184456381z
Author reward: 302.861 SPORTS for venan/actifit-venan-20220112t182631284z
Curation reward: 133.693 SPORTS for mariya36/actifit-mariya36-20220112t163702490z
Curation reward: 141.569 SPORTS for mushanov/actifit-mushanov-20220112t085504938z
Curation reward: 140.394 SPORTS for dontcare89/actifit-dontcare89-20220111t230004419z
Curation reward: 131.856 SPORTS for cezary-io/actifit-cezary-io-20220111t221733799z
Curation reward: 138.711 SPORTS for snedeva/actifit-snedeva-20220111t212453254z
Staked 988.372 SPORTS to venan
Staked 2133.055 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1218.865 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1510.532 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1379.32 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1612.238 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1128.472 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1913.926 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1679.324 SPORTS to venan
Staked 724.023 SPORTS to venan
Staked 465.278 SPORTS to venan
Staked 2600.667 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1295.91 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1374.986 SPORTS to venan
Staked 279.822 SPORTS to venan
Staked 2027.004 SPORTS to venan
Staked 2086.144 SPORTS to venan
Staked 666.84 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1374.124 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1259.824 SPORTS to venan
Staked 325.98 SPORTS to venan
Staked 383.783 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1077.536 SPORTS to venan
Staked 860.638 SPORTS to venan
Staked 298.526 SPORTS to venan
Staked 124.462 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1426.378 SPORTS to venan
Staked 296.313 SPORTS to venan
Staked 2067.577 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1203.026 SPORTS to venan
Staked 934.339 SPORTS to venan
Staked 82905.657 SPORTS to venan
Received 36964.615 SPORTS from hivebg
Staked 7936.328 SPORTS to venan
Staked 8175.129 SPORTS to venan
Staked 79576.949 SPORTS to venan
Received 13980.703 SPORTS from hivebg
Received 25614.116 SPORTS from milabogomila
Staked 21663.994 SPORTS to venan
Staked 919.857 SPORTS to venan
Staked 1068.928 SPORTS to venan
Staked 9000.331 SPORTS to venan
Staked 2246.363 SPORTS to venan
Staked 72769.618 SPORTS to venan
Staked 843.232 SPORTS to venan
Staked 528.734 SPORTS to venan
Staked 544.753 SPORTS to venan