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Tip AFIT Away!

Tipping AFIT tokens has been a request we received for so long.
We are glad to officially present this functionality to our users, so that anyone who owns AFIT tokens can now tip away their favorite friends, authors, or any steemian for that matter as tip recipients do not need to be existing actifitters!

How To Send a Tip?

Quite simple, you just need to visit their profile on actifit.io. Profiles on actifit.io are accessible similarly to any other Steem-based interface, using the format https://actifit.io/@username. We also made the option without the @ available so that you can access user profile via https://actifit.io/username
You can also click on any post's author name to head over to their profile

Once you head to a user's page, you will spot a Tip AFIT button

Click the tip button, you will need to provide the Tip amount, and the AFIT funds password. The funds password is the same one you set under your wallet to exchange AFIT for STEEM upvotes. If you haven't set one up yet, you can do so via this link.

Once you do that, click proceed, and your AFIT tokens will be sent over to the recipient.

The tip transaction will show both on your wallet history

but also on the recipient's wallet history.


Daily Limit

To prevent abuse of the service, we have set a daily limit on the tipping capability so that you can only send a maximum ot 1,000 AFIT token tips within a single day.

Free Tips !

In celebration for this new functionality, we are giving away free tips! Simply Leave a comment on this post, and we will send you 20 AFIT tokens tip!

Next Steps

We also plan to include this tipping functionality within every actifit post, to make it easier to tip your favorite post/author from the post view.
Also our Actifit team member @definethedollar is working on a discord bot for tipping AFIT. We will announce this once it's officially ready.

Upcoming Big Announcement Next Week

Yes we've been sharing so many announcements in the last couple of weeks, but hey we're not tired...are you? :)
We're very proud of what we've accomplished, and we want to keep improving and delivering greater user experience and more rewards to you guys.

Which is why next week we plan on announcing our long awaited moving AFIT tokens to Steem-Engine, which will come as a part of a bigger plan/bundle we have been working out. We believe this will reflect very positively, and it will come as a big surprise.

Did we give you enough teaser? Stay tuned !! :)

Top Daily Actifitters

Our latest voting round included 676 rewarded reports.
Below are the top 20 actifitters from this round. Well done guys !!

RankActifit MemberUser RankActivity CountAFITs Rewarded@actifit UpvotePost Link
#1@thereikiforest47.51134984.875 Tokens0.72%post
#2@practicaleric46.51739684.625 Tokens0.72%post
#3@felt.buzz44.51360184.125 Tokens0.72%post
#4@runridefly521542284 Tokens0.72%post
#5@blueeyes8960461111182.5 Tokens0.7%post
#6@definethedollar461661382.5 Tokens0.7%post
#7@cryptospa533534482.25 Tokens0.7%post
#8@pjansen47.51190480.875 Tokens0.69%post
#9@amico47.51649080.875 Tokens15.24%post
#10@actifit-peter551019680.75 Tokens0.69%post
#11@pjansen43.51278777.875 Tokens0.66%post
#12@amico47.5989177.875 Tokens0.66%post
#13@ashikstd431853777.75 Tokens0.66%post
#14@roger5120563673177 Tokens0.66%post
#15@bluengel533395876.25 Tokens0.65%post
#16@ashikstd431189575.75 Tokens0.65%post
#17@mhm-philippines51.52513875.375 Tokens0.64%post
#18@tattoodjay341016873.5 Tokens0.63%post
#19@bluengel493502773.25 Tokens15.17%post
#20@vesytz431056772.75 Tokens0.62%post

A kind reminder to all actifitters: some versions of esteem app still cause issues when used to edit your reports, via removing essential info Actifit uses to identify proper reports. This prevents related reports from receiving rewards.
Until this issue is officially fixed via the esteem team, we advise that you use other Steem interfaces for editing, including our own actifit.io, steemit, busy or others.

Doubled UP Rewarded Actifitter

Today's Random Double Up Reward went to @am24it1!
This lead to doubling up the AFIT token rewards and the STEEM upvote value.
Congrats! & Don't forget to claim your "Lucky Doubled Up" badge on your actifit.io profile page.

RankActifit MemberUser RankActivity CountAFITs Rewarded@actifit UpvotePost Link
#46@am24it119761362.5 Tokens0.53%post

Will your rewards get doubled UP tomorrow? :)

Our Newest Actifitters

In case this is the first time you see this section, essentially it aims to introduce new actifitters to our amazing community.

During the last voting round, we were happy to welcome the below new actifitters, joining more than 2,500 unique users who had posted an actifit report.

Our recent joiners are: @ajjuboom, @swirly, @japanguide, @nan.warrior, @techcam, @the.melvo, @adedoyinwealth, @schonrbert, @crownbee, @wakeupkitty.pal, @cicciobet95, @isb and @sports.central.
Feel free to check out their recent reports and welcome them to the Actifit community!

Delegation Status

Actifit continues to receive amazing support by the community. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who is continuously supporting Actifit.

Below is the recent delegation updates' list:
@revisesociology(1,000 SP)
@self-track(300 SP)
@oppongk(10 SP)
@zohaib336(2,500 SP)
@bluengel(541 SP)
@awesomegames007(520 SP)
@parisfoodhunter(500 SP)
@venzam(500 SP)
@danmaruschak(500 SP)
@krevasilis(1,000 SP)

Thank you to all delegators for the wonderful support! To see the list of all our delegators, check out actifit.io/delegators

The amount of delegated SP has a large influence over not only the daily/weekly delegation reward, but also on the amount of rewards the actifitter receives on daily reports, as it constitutes a key element in User Rank.

Which is why being an Actifit delegator now has more influence on your rewards, coupled with number of AFIT tokens and other factors highlighted before.

Delegators share a max cap of 100K AFIT tokens according to their delegation amount, and also earn a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts' beneficiary earnings.

We are appreciative of more delegations to be able to better award actifitters and support our project, so thank you for doing that !

When you are looking to increase your delegation, you need to use the new total amount as the delegation amount, and not only the increased amount. Otherwise only the new amount will be used, and the remaining amount will be undelegated.

@actifit Team

To delegate to Actifit, you can use any of the following links:
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

consider voting for Actifit as witness

Our Top Delegators
An additional big thank you to some of our top supporters

@goodnewworld | @freedom | @sepracore | @fitat40 | @julialee66 | @onealfa | @oldtimer | @selfvotejustice | @supergiant | @taskmaster4450 | @dmoons.kim | @wil.metcalfe

Our wonderful ambassadors

@akomoajong | @alexvanaken | @ervin-lemark | @flauwy | @jaraumoses | @jasonshick | @rosatravels | | @toocurious | @pearlumie

Our amazing moderators

@alfamano | @alokkumar121 | @ashikstd | @ciuoto | @ckole | @definethedollar | @katerinaramm | @priyanarc | @rabihfarhat | @pjansen | @thereikiforest | @vishalsingh4997 | @sumit71428

Haven't downloaded Actifit yet? download it from the playstore or from the app store and start your journey to fitness and rewards!

@actifit team



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Excited with both the constant growth and positive attitude of this community. Great to see more and more new users come on board each week and the team is not satisfied with just being good, but striving for great. Keep up the good work team!

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This is great news and a move in the right direction.

What about tipping straight from the post comments and from any interface?

!AFIT 20, for example

Like !BEER

@amico, what do you think?

Thank you @ervin-lemark
We plan on making the tip from within the post as a button available via actifit.io view.
As for post comment tips like the BEER modell, not sure if we will be adding this soon, but we wil consider it later as we finalize all the key items we have on plate :)

Cool and thanks for all your answers. !BEER is in order in any case 🍻😀

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  ·  10 months ago (edited)

I think that is a very little step... but better little then nothing! ;)

From the @actifit's Whitepaper:

Some of Our Targets/Projections:

IEOs & Listing on exchanges: Q2 2019.

Q2 has ended and unfortunately, I note that I can't see any Listing on exchanges!

I would be satisfied with the possibility of transferring my (?) AFIT to STEEM-ENGINE, so as to be able to exchange them at will!

I completely dislike this kind of "holding hostages" the AFIT tokens that should be ours/mine!

I find this situation the contrary of the spirit of freedom, change and transparency that moves (or should move) any blockchain, and that's a real pity!

I definitely see your point but I think if they release all the AFIT tokens to fast then many big holders will sell immediately and the price will bottom out fast and possibly never come back, especially in this market. If they release them slowly like steemhunt did or how steemit releases sp then the tokens will hold their price better which will benefit everyone who holds AFIT.

Step by step, I guess. I still have trust in the team.

Do you notice how everything in crypto politics is mostly about trust, believes and hopes :) Nothing is set and certain.

!BEER back

just replied to @amico :)

Well i don't agree with your assessment of the impact of the tip functionality, as this is the first real approach to actually "moving" AFIT tokens. So it's definitely big news for anyone waiting to do so.
I think you were asking about this yesterday, and you just saw it today.

As for the IEOs and Listing on exchanges, we did a lot of effort on that end, unfortunately the interactions we had with differrent businesses in the field were not positive, we also saw the recent experiences with different projects that took the IEO route and their token price, add to that the price of STEEM that continues to drop in contrast to the high cost of IEOs. Any business needs to adjust its plans as it goes forward taking into consideration business success and its' investor and user base interests.
All those factors lead us to delay the IEOs and focus on more important aspects.

And did you read in this post about the capability to move AFIT tokens to Steem-engine announcement coming next week?

Very well, @mcfarhat: actually I had missed the paragraph regarding Steem-Engine and I confirm that this "liberalization", although on a centralized market, satisfies me.

I do not doubt that you (and your staff) are doing your best to make the "magic" work to create value on a token created from thin air: my thoughts reflect my personal feelings... take them as feedback from a devoted early birding user.

I add that to go mainstream, in my opinion, and direct experience having witnessed more than a dozen new live users, UIs must become much simpler and more easily usable.

A huge hug! 🤗
Cheers & !BEER🍻

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Ah, of course: !BEER ^_^

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Hey @ervin-lemark, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Looking forward for the big announcement!

Moving tokens to SE ? I can't believe this finally is going to happen.

Just started using Actifit several days ago. Glad to hear that there are updates keep coming.

Love that you are integrating tips!

nice new feature..

Awesome updates as usual <3

Love the new tips functionality!

Posted using Partiko Android

Great improvements ! :) 💙

in addition to message log how about to express tipped 'to' and tipped 'from'

already reported by discord DM @bluengel user-rank issues as shown in the list above not 49 but 53 :(

Posted using Partiko Android

곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.004을 보팅해서 $0.019을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 5950번 $65.228을 보팅해서 $76.305을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

Looking forward to the big announcement. Thank you guys for your hard work.

Looking forward to
The big announcement. Thank you
Guys for your hard work.

                 - dr-frankenstein

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you for the tipping system

Very Nice! Thanks for the giving tip....

Actifit is my hobby, I use it everyday.

Posted using Partiko Android

Always good news.
I loved this announcement keep it up @actifit
Way to go @mcfarhat

Wow a tipping option, thats fantastic! Now I can reward other actifiters with AFIT instead of steem upvotes, I love it! Great work @actifit team!

Awesome! Looking forward to even more ways to spend AFITs in the future!

Posted using Partiko Android

This is so cool! Actifit has been on my top3 dApps for a long time and it stays strong in my top3. This feature is so dynamic and massive! Can't wait for even more good news!!

Love this app and the tip is gratefully received 🙏🏽

Posted using Partiko iOS

Nice. Pretty cool we can transfer AFIT to steem engine soon!

Posted using Partiko iOS

I must commend the @actifit team for these awesome development. Thank you. I will be glad to receive some tips.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great update from @actifit specially this will open a new era for actifit users. Now anyone can give some AFIT tokens as a gift to their desire person... Really nice work...

@mcfarhat @actifit amazing I do not stop to be surprised they are all the time taking updates and new improvements, I will be very aware of the update next week this is getting very exciting :)

OMG! What ana wesome news it is. Now we can tip others.
I will wait for the next BIG anouncement. And thanks for the giveaway

Awesome guys, congrats! I'm using always Actifit in my daily activities, in my HIIT and in my cycling. Great app!👍

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome so much great news coming from @actifit lately. Love the new tipping service and very much looking forward to the next big update coming next week 😀👍.

Posted using Partiko Android

@actifit had my heart from the beginning and you truly are one of the best dApps ever on the blockchain! Keep going, team!

Posted using Partiko Android

@actifit is the best #steem Dapp. Thank you for the tip

Posted using Partiko iOS

always nice to get some free actifit tokens.

Thanks for the tip :-). I will present this article to the Czech community. There are active actifiters who will appreciate your work :-)

Even with the previous baseline of functionality Actifit has been a good experience for me. All of the new stuff you've been announcing lately is making it even better.

Sound good!

We'll be glad seeing AFIT token moving higher

Sweet what an awesome announcement! Well done to the team, can’t wait to take tipping for a test drive

Posted using Partiko iOS

Good job
Keep it up

Posted using Partiko Android

Congratulations 🎉 to the Actifit team for the continuos progress and improvements 💯. The future is looking brighter than ever. Let's keep stepping 👍 😁

Posted using Partiko Android

Love the new tips functionality!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Great news for AFIT! Congrats guys!

Posted using Partiko Android

Upvoted and resteem this post. Thank you for the tip offer !

this app just keeps getting better and better. thanks for all the work you're doing.

Looks great. Keep up good work @actifit

Great work guys. Love your app.....

Great inclusion. Awesome that the team is willing to work hard to incorporate users requests into the platform.

I am so happy having joined actifit one year ago! So much progress and new features almost every week! My full and greatest respect for the entire actifit team!

Heyo! That’s great news!!! Adding new functionality all the time! 😁


I know what I will be thinking about this weekend 😀

Congratulation, Thankyou so much for giveaway. Well done.

Right on, love the ever-expanding features!

Tipping is an awesome feature to reward people within actifit. Great work team. Way to go.

I feel like Actifit is actually overtaking Steemit. I know nothing about how the Steem blockchain works. Does Actifit need Steemit to survive and strive to do the same? Or Actifit's success doesn't depend on Steemit? I was wondering about that for the past week...

we definitely do not need Steemit, Steemit is another dapp on Steem, we operate completely separate from Steemit, both using the Steem blockchain.

This is a great addition and another reason to start using the interface again! Would love to see the functionality on the mobile app as well!

Man, now I'm even more curious about that next week announcement! Great job guys!

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nice jobs guys !!!

Great inclusion, fantastic that the team is willing to work so hard to incorporate community requests into one of the best fitness platforms on the market.

Great stuff guys, looking forward to steem engine transfers and more. Keep up the good work.

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I love the updates. by the way any idea when the actfit update for IOS is coming?

it's in progress. If testing goes well, we plan to make it available within next 2-3 weeks.

excellent progress. keep up the great work guys.

Thank you for the update. I agree that the new tipping service contributes to a better user experience. Patiently waiting for the big announcement.

More awesome news from @Actifit

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Awesome! Tipping and Steem Engine! Great news indeed!

Posted using Partiko Android

This is great . Thanks for this.
Btw is there any way I can sell a few actifit or buy actifit?

Posted using Partiko Android

There's nothing I don't love about Actifit! Great updates!

@actifit, One more effective addition and definitely Tips will going to add that additional boost which can be transferred from one Steemian to another if they hold Actifit. Keep up the good work team and good to know that more updates are coming.

Hi, I am new to Steemit and looking forward to joining actifit as soon as I get my Fitbit 😎

thanks to the team for this great development. I can now tip my friends.
Actifit all the