SPUDX & My Actifit Report Card: February 1 2020

in #actifitlast year (edited)

I cannot believe it’s already February 1st! January just flew by. Today is also Steem power up day, and I just had to participate! I just powered up 103 Steem, to bring my total to just over 70k! I’m so optimistic about Steem’s future, for me, this investment is a no brainer.

As for my activity, I went to the gym in the morning and did my daily activities for a pretty decent total!

Daily Activity,Weight Lifting


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Thanks for all you do for this blockchain @mcoinz79 and supporting #spud Have a great weekend and take care.

Damn son 70k that’s no joke! Some serious stacking going on here! I’m sure it will pay off and you’ll be sitting pretty! I just want to get to 10K at least