Taking the road / route less travelled. Getting off-route and a bit scratched up ...

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... in the Boulderfields on a tricky 5.10b climb. Overhanging, blocky arete at the end of a long, hot, smokey day of climbing in the Okanagan Valley.


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Thats an amazing image...nice work.

Thanks man! It was a super fun trip, and a great climb!

Looks insanly cool bro @mstafford

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Thanks! It was super fun, and hoping to get back there this springtime!

Congrats on the climb.

Also, congrats on the big delegation for exhaust. How come?


No idea why they decided to delegate, but it's exciting for sure. Think they might be connected to @argon, but I'm not certain.

Indeed it's less traveled. I don't think I will be able to take it. It looks fun, though :)

Ah I'm sure you'd surprise yourself if you tried it! Have you gone climbing much?

Hey @mstafford, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!