Hitting the slopes with @caitycat today. Great day at BigWhite Ski Resort in Kelowna, ...

in #appics2 years ago

... BC. Lots of fresh snow left over still -- wish we had a couple more days in town!


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Looks like a bit more than we have down here. We got a bit of a coating but it is still the thin conditions. Enjoy it while you can!

I'm jealous. It looks like I won't ski this winter.

That's too bad! Is it more a toming thing, or a "our local mountain didn't get enough snow this year" kinda thing?

We have to travel hundreds of miles for any skiing unless it's artificial slopes. Time and cost are limiting factors. We went to Switzerland last winter. Maybe in another couple of years we will go again.

Ah yeah that would definitely make it tricky. We're only about a 45 minute drive from the ski-hill here where we're staying right now. Proximity is nice!

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Hey, I know I am late yet .. I have to comment on this photo and say BRAVO and WOW :)

and !BEER

You are the second Steem user that I know of that is there or around Kelowna. @karenmckersie lives there ...

Ps: back to business ... Strava integration doesn't work for me. It stopped after January 9th. When I try to sync manually I get

Exception Type: MissingTokenError
Exception Value:    
(missing_token) Missing access token parameter.
Exception Location: /home/xhaustbeta/xhaust/env/lib/python3.6/site-packages/oauthlib/oauth2/rfc6749/parameters.py in validate_token_parameters, line 437

Yeah I noticed that she's in the Kelowna area. I grew up there (and went back there over the Christmas holidays), but moved to Vancouver Island about 4 years ago.

@steevc mentioned some funky stuff re: the Strava integration the other day -- gonna try to take a look today / tomorrow and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Hey @mstafford, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!

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