Made it out for a short bouldering session after work. Struggling on a pretty blocky ...

in #appicslast year

... / powerful V3. Need to get back into shape.


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You and me both! I am just trying to get the holds put up on my house so I have at least a vertical wall to work on every day. Feel like such a slug climbing right now.

I saw that! Very jealous! Wish I had a little bouldering area at home.

Been considering ordering a few holds and fixing them to the side of my camper-van, instead of a ladder up to the cargo rack. Maybe an easy/drunk V2, and a hard/sober V5 that leads to the cargo / roof-rack ;)

You just gotta keep your eyes open for sales on holds. Mountain Gear is going out of business and at the sale I have picked up 4 boxes of 60pc screw on holds for $35 or less each. The holds are all smaller, not really any jugs, but it is a perfect size for my vert walls. I have an easy Vb/0 going up into my attic but am anxious to get my traverse built around the house.

You need really low holds for a sit start with a tiny jib for your foot under the van. Then just 3 or 4 more holds and you could have a wicked hard little problem! Even use the back corner of the van as an arete/edge to do a traverse left/right from the rear wheels area.

You're talkin' my language, brotha! I'm more motivated than ever to do this now. Wonder if the holds would stick if I just slapped them on with some PL or other construction adhesive.. Little crimps would probably stay in place.

You might get away with liquid nails or a 2 part epoxy. Hard part is the torque put on them when cranking down on a crimp or hold. Depending on where you mount them you could possibly pop a couple holes for each and back with metal plates and then bolt them on. Wouldn't be too hard to seal the holes/bolts with silicone to waterproof. Just really depends on the structure of your rig in the places you want to mount to. There is also mounting some 1x6 boards that could mount the holds to, then it would be modular.