LeBron James made Anthony Davis change his jersey number

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LeBron and AD both wore the # 23 last year. At first LeBron was going to return to his Miami Heat/Olympic Team # 6. However that did not happen and now Davis will be wearing # 3.


The Reason...

LeBron missed the March 15 deadline for jersey number changes. NBA league officials offered to bend the rule as long as the jersey manufacturer (Nike) said it was okay. Turns out Nike had already produced thousands of King James jerseys with the number 23, and LBJ's new shoe incorporated the number also. So Nike refused due to financial obligations.


Lebron will in fact NOT be switching to 6, he will wear 23. Anthony Davis will change from 23 to his number from his childhood, 3.


Will this cause a problem for the Lakers?

Absolutely not. The Lakers are still the best team to host at the Staples Center in the 2019-20 season. In my opinion the Lakers are the best in the league, check my NBA Power Rankings post for my full top 30 teams.

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Do you think that Anthony Davis will look weird wearing number 3?
Leave your comments below, this is #sportstalk after all.


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I have to say MJ is great and will ever be.
King James is great by winning the championship with crappy team members.
Seven years to the finals with two teams.
Hot down LBJ

Both legends some very impressive stats and records.
I wonder how long LeBron will stay in the league. We see guys like Wade, Bosh, Melo all falling off. LeBron is still a top 3 player in my opinion. Giannis & Kawhi are my 2 & 3.
I just imagine running into those three during a streetball game and leaving my sneaks over the backboard never to play again 😂🤣

Great post yet again man! Aspiring to deliver such great quality!!

Thank you so much. I have a blast figuring out how to lay these things out properly. I’m glad you are enjoying it. I try to keep things brief yet informative.

so funny. the headlines this week made it sound like there was drama in LA LA land.

but alas. it’s just Nike being Nike.

I’m secretly rooting for the Lakers to own Staples. Clippers are going to flop!!!! lol

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That’s Hollywood for ya, always something.
Nike... you broke AD’s heart.

I’m with ya, I’m choosing the lakers over the Clippers for sure. Would sure be funny if they struggled to keep up in LA

A king commands champ!

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LeBron is the leader of the Lakers, no doubt. However it seems Nike is LeBron's true puppet-master.

Kids...MJ will never do something like that...