Russell Westbrook has been traded to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul

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Russell Westbrook's fate has been sealed. Goodbye OKC, hello Houston. Westbrook reunites with James Harden after having been on different teams for nearly 7 years. Houston, we have a connection.


The deal

The Rockets will ship off veteran point guard Chris Paul (3-year/$120 million), two protected first-round picks (2024 and 2026, both protected Nos. 1-4) and two pick swaps (2021 and 2025) to the Thunder in exchange for Russell Westbrook (4-year/$170 million).



What this means

Two former MVP guards are reunited in Houston. The duo started their careers together with the Thunder. Westbrook (30 years old) and Harden (soon to be 30) were both happy about this trade. Chris Paul (34 years old) heads back to Oklahoma City, where he briefly played previously when New Orleans relocated the Hornets during hurricane Katrina.


This squad has the capability to be top 5 in the league.

Here is my projected starting lineup for the
2019-20 Houston Rockets :

PG- Russell Westbrook
SG- Eric Gordon
SF- James Harden
PF- P.J. Tucker
C- Clint Capela

You can view all 30 of my NBA team starting lineup predictions here.

To find out what other teams were discussing trade options for Russell Westbrook check my other post here.


Do you think that Russ will fit in better with the Rockets than Chris Paul did?
Leave your comments below, this is #sportstalk after all.


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What a mess that might turn out to be...Those two egos on the same team again lol

Still, it's a crazy backcourt.

Has Chris Paul become the new Carmelo of the league though???

It’s a pretty wild idea. I believe coach D’Antoni has the capability to keep both Westbrook and Harden in good spirits. We shall see though anything is possible.

Chris Paul has turned into a dirty little slut, getting passed around from team to team. I wouldn’t be surprised if OKC turned around and traded Paul to another team for even more draft picks and cap space.

Oh yeah, he's gone....Miami I heard.

Sounds about right to me. I know Miami is looking to build a strong squad for this year & not a few year from now. Adding Paul may just be enough for the Heat to propel upwards in the Eastern conference.

one thing for sure. kawhi going to the clippers has changed this entire league. almost very team that added pieces has given themselves a chance to win. it’s awesome.

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That’s for certain. This offseason has came with. Tsunami of breaking news.

I became a rockets fan yesterday... Ill mis Westbrook in OKC though. Gonna be weird without him.

The rockets got better though and a little younger. Thats a tough starting line up. it's all up to they're coach now. Can dantoni win against the big dogs in the west?

So is Westbrook your favorite player?
I can understand why if so, he’s quite the player and personality.

I think this moved the rockets up into the top 5 best teams in the league for sure now. They have a fighting chance to shake the earth in the playoffs.