The 2019-20 player ratings for NBA 2K20 have been released (LeBron & Kawhi #1)

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The official player ratings for #nba2k20 have been released. This is a great way to check the overall rating of every single NBA player, rookies included.


Even if you are not a #gamer...

So you only watch sports on TV, you do not play #videogames. This information is still extremely valuable to you, even only as a fan of #nba basketball. These ratings are so spot on with player skill, you can become a real life GM from your bed or couch. This list originates from serious time and research from informed people whom live and breathe basketball. You can trust these rankings to help find validity throughout the league.



Top players for the 2019-20 NBA season
















You can view the list of every single player in the league on

Do you think that the NBA 2K player ratings are realistic?
Leave your comments below, this is #sportstalk after all.


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Great information to have, thank you. I’m definitely an NBA fan.🏀

Hell yea! I’m sure @chezo is super hyped to see the ratings. You know how he is about players and their overalls.

Chezo will be all over those ratings. He’ll examine them closer than most people I guarantee it.

He will have them memorized by the time you get to PA. #sportsgenius

Wow seeing this first up on your blog so big thanks for sharing this :D

I love trying to get posts live quickly as soon as I find out about the news. I’m glad this one interested you!

Have been off the grid for some time but... Again, great overview on the NBA state of the art. Just makes me wanna buy tickets!!

I’m going to have to go to a game this season, at least one. Probably in Philly.

I got nothibg but respect for the king but it's Leonard's time right now. He put a team on his back and brought a championship to Toronto. Regards champ! Check out my latest push ups! Cheers!

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Very true, Kawhi is turning into The Boss of the league. LeBron is starting to get up there in age, it's getting close to his decline. Somehow he is still balling, although a lot of the players from his draft class are starting to retire. Such as Dwayne Wade.

I'll check out your post now. Thanks for stopping by on mine!

I can't read Spanish bro hahaha. You got me feeling dumb over here lmao.
If you have an english post I can check out, just drop the link here.

my friend is a die hard fan of nba i will show him this thanks for putting this up :)

Awesome! Hopefully your friend enjoys this post. NBA is great.

Sure i would definitely tell my friend to join sports talk and follow you for all the latest updates :)

Great work ♥️