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RE: USA is ranked #1 in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

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Are you kidding me? How in the heck did the top 3 teams - USA, Spain, and France - all get put into the same initial bracket?!?!


I will admit, the “Draw Procedure of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019” video was very confusing. Such a complex selection process.

The top 3 teams aren’t all in the same group, although it did seem that way at the start of the video.

You should download the FIBA app for iOS or Android. They have the full schedule on there and it’s much easier to understand.

Here are the first matches for USA, Spain, France, and China. I made it easy for you. Still go download that app, it allows you to make predictions for each game.


Oh, okay, I got it. Some kind of pot system. China as host gets to avoid the powerhouses. So lucky!

I'ma try and go to that USAvIRAN game. Should be quite the political thing.

Yes, China can run for a bit.. but they cannot hide forever. Eventually they will face one of the big three, if they make it that deep into the tournament.

China's team is awful. They probably won't do anything until they give in and let Stephon Marbury be the national team coach. And Yao gets involved in the training regimen. As it is, they just prioritize slow plodding 6'10" guys who can't even get physical. Those types are aight in the international game but you need a diversity of players to be successful. Their PG for a while was Sun Yue, who was a slow plodding 6'9" guy who actually rode the pine for one of the Kobe/Pau championship teams.

Anyway, the China bracket is weak af. Poland, Venezuela, Ivory Coast. They might be able to advance. But I wouldn't bet on it! 😂

Hmm, if China advances, then the Great Wall will collapse 🤣😂
Doesn’t sound like they are a very realizable squad. I know Marbury is huge over there, but I get the feeling they’d never let him be head of their team for the simple fact that he’s from USA. Do you know if he is on the coaching staff already?

He was just named head coach of his last CBA team in Beijing (although not the team he won 3 championships with). The foreigners on the team currently include CBA legend-in-the-making Shavlik Randolph and Pierre Jackson. I’d say he’ll be in the running for head coach of the 2023-24 China national team.

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Damn, 3 championships. Starbury really is a boss over in China.
That’s awesome that you all are so welcoming of him to be the head of the team. I hope he does get the position on the national team.

Good call on that app, bro. That video is crazy misleading. At least the USA team gonna be in Shanghai. I wonder how expensive the tickets will be. NBA exhibition games here go for a couple hundred bucks. 😢

What’s funny is that the video was on their official YouTube page. They would have been better off just showing who plays who, not explaining why.

That app is going to be very useful once the games start.

In Shanghai, that means you will be able to attend. Correct?
As long as the tickets aren’t outrageous.

Well after doing a search on google, the first website that showed as a result had the cheapest ticket set at $260. No way would I pay that for a damn game I can watch on tv.

Yeah, no way. Especially when I can just watch it for free on my phone via Tencent Sports.

Hmm Tencent Sports. I’ll have to try that one out.