Basic Elbow Strike In Self Defense

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Elbow strike is one of the most effective and powerful strikes in self defense. You do not know when and where you are going to attack. Maybe suddenly you get attacked and the attacker is very close to you, you can do elbow strike.

I have made a post about Self Defense Against Bear Hug. Someone grabs you from the behind, you can also use elbow strike as your self defense technique. Elbow strike can be used in different situations and you can hit different parts of the body with elbow strikes.

Before starting martial art training, you should warm up first. Then you are ready to practice. When you do elbow strike, you hit with your elbow. You can practice the basic elbow strike on your own.

Make sure the movement is correct. Use your body to strike, not just elbow and arms. So turn your waist a little bit while doing elbow strike. It will generate more power on your strike.

Do not lean forward to do elbow strike. If you do, your elbow strike will not be effective and your opponent can make you off balance. Always keep your balance when you strike.

You can ask your friend or training partner to train with you. He can hold the pad and you can strike on the pad. You can ask your friend to attack you, and you can defend and do elbow strike as a counter-attack. Then you will know how to use it in combat self defense.

Before doing elbow strike in a street fight for self defense, you need to understand a couple of things. Just you know how to do elbow strike, don't go and do elbow strike. It is because you might not get close to the attacker to do that. The attacker can kick you before getting close to him.

In a fight, when you are in a close range, only then you can use elbow strike. If you stay far away from your opponent or you are in a kicking range or even in a punching range, it is not going to work. You have to close the distance in order to do elbow strike.

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I am sharing what I think you will find useful for self defense. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. I can learn something from you. I really appreciate your support and feedback.

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@rezoanulvibes Thank you for contributing to RealityHubs, this is a nice post.

I for one, wasn't awarr that leaning forward too much while trying to defend oneself by striking first was bad for me.

But now I know and understand why it is.

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RealityHubs Moderator

Sometimes we are too desperate to strike and when we see we cannot hit, we lean forward in order to hit. We can hit by doing that, but it will not be as powerful as it should be. The thing is, it would be easier for your opponent to strike and make you off-balance. And you know what will happen next.

Instead, you can take a step forward and strike. Thank you so much @gotgame for taking the time to read this and giving your feedback. Really appreciate that!

Hey bro!

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Thank you for this initiative.