Basic Kick Everyone Should Know

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When you have to fight for self defense, you can use your weapons. Weapons? What does it mean?

You can use what you have in order to defend yourself. You always have something, that is your hands, legs, elbow, and knee. You can do elbow strike, knee charge, punch, palm strike, kick and so on.

To defend yourself in a long-distance, you can use your longest weapon - legs to kick your attackers. In this video, you are going to see basic kicks that you will find useful. Let's watch this video.

This is the sidekick. With this kick, you can hit your opponent leg, knee, thigh. If you kick higher, you can target the upper parts of the body. You can kick low and stop your opponent right there. This is very effective if you know how to use it.

To attack you, the attacker has to come closer, the moment he is in the kicking range, you can kick the attacker or you can move forward to kick to his leg.

Before using your legs to kick, you have to understand about distance. Otherwise, you cannot use it properly. If you are in a close range, you can punch. If you are so close to your opponent, you can do elbow strike or knee change. When you and your opponent are in kicking range, you can kick. You cannot kick if you are too close. In that case, you have to move backward and kick to your opponent.

Always keep your balance when you kick. If somehow you lose your balance, your kick will not be effective. Spend some time and practice with your training partner and see how it works.

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