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We all want to be happy and don't like to face any unfavorable situation where we have to fight for self defense. Things do not always happen as we expect. If you have to fight for self defense, please do not underestimate your opponent. You just don't what he is capable of. He could have some sort of training or background.

If you face an opponent who is really good at fighting, how can you defend yourself?

You can apply distraction techniques to deal with that. Sometimes you see some moves in a fight that does not hurt the opponent. You might be wondering if that does not hurt the opponent, why do you have to use that?

Those moves are made only for distracting the opponent in order to make the next move. And you know what? The next moves do the job.

You can throw a punch not to hit him, just to see how he responds. Then you can punch or kick figuring our his weakness. When you punch your opponent, he usually does something to defend that. At the time of defending your punch, he is not thinking about attacking you. You can use that little time to make your move. And it works.

Here we are talking about how you can defend yourself against someone who is good at fighting. When it comes to self defense, it is all about dealing with the situation and save your life. It is not something that looks cool. Or, people say something like, "See, he is a hero." Your every move and action is supposed to defending yourself and giving out of the danger zone alive.

Hope you will find it useful. Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment below. If you like martial arts or self defense, please follow me @RezoanulVibes.

See you soon. Take care!

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