Use What You Have As A Weapon To Defend Yourself

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How is the weather over there?

Some people like sunny weather and some people like when it rains. We like different things. I think that's the beauty of life. When we see something different, that's interesting. When we talk about self defense, you might think about what you can use to defend yourself. Do you have a weapon?

You find out that you have nothing, empty hands. Do you really have nothing? If you are a student, you have pens and books. If you are in the kitchen cooking, you have a knife to cut vegetable. You have something. Maybe you are not aware of using that as a weapon to defend yourself.

Walking in a rainy day.jpg

You are walking and it's raining. In this situation, you usually have an umbrella. You are alone and it is night. If you get attacked, what can you do? First of all, if the attacker has any weapon like a knife or gun, it is better not to do something that makes him aware that you can attack him.

If the attacker has a knife, he wants to stab you, that can be dangerous. Behind any attack, there is an intention. Maybe the attacker wants to kidnap you or just want your money. If he wants your money, give it to him. And always keep an eye on him. In case he attacks you, you are ready to defend yourself.

At the time of giving the money, the moment he gets distracted a little, you can make your move and attack him. You have an umbrella, right? You can use your umbrella as a distraction.

Maybe it stops raining, so you close your umbrella. You can use your umbrella to attack him. You can use it as a stick. It will not be as hard as a stick. But hitting with an umbrella, you can go for another strike like kick, punch, hammer fist, elbow strike, and knee charge.

Even you can use a book to defend yourself. Well, will it be effective? If you can use the book as a weapon, it can be effective. Let's watch this video.

One thing I would like to mention here. When something has a knife, please don't make any silly moves, otherwise, you might end up in a hospital. So what else can you use as a weapon to save your life? Well, you will figure it out.

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Source: Video and Video Credit: Master Wong


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