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Matchup details to aid you in preferring which team to choose.

  • Grizzlies on a 2 game winning streak, 11–12 on the road
  • Sixers on a 3 game losing streak, 22–2 at home

The result from:

  • Predict and Win SPORTS #92 - Heat vs Clippers:


Last round, there are 15 participants, so far the number of participants is increasing, I look forward to seeing more and engage in the contest, you can check the previous contest here:


  • 1st Place
    @cabinet24 - 230 - 100% upvote + 900 SPORTS

  • 2nd Place
    @rabeel - 227 - 75% upvote + 600 SPORTS

  • 2nd Place
    @ralph75 - 227 - 75% upvote + 600 SPORTS

  • 3rd Place
    none - 50% upvote + 300 SPORTS


So to recap the mechanics for the game, please do keep this in mind.

  1. Comment below your favored team to win. Voting the post now is not necessary. Engagement through participating in the community event is much more important.

  2. After you had chosen a team, predict the SUM of the total scores of both teams.


  • Lakers - 210 - The 210 here is the predicted total score of both teams. Next time, please do it this way so it will be much easier to judge.

The one who predicts the correct team will have the chance to be ranked according to the one closest to the total combined team scores and those who have not predicted correctly the winning team will be given a consolation of 15% upvote for joining the said contest

UPDATE: In case of a tie on the prediction of the sum of the points, the predicted sum of the scores below the correct prediction will be ranked first.

Example: Lakers - 215

Prediction A = 214
Prediction B = 216

Prediction A will be ranked first since it is below the correct prediction score.



  • 1st Place - 100% Upvote from my account, I currently have, 1,000,000+ SPORTS POWER + 900 SPORTS TOKENS
  • 2nd Place - 75% Upvote + 600 SPORTS TOKENS
  • 3rd Place - 50% Upvote + 300 SPORTS TOKENS
  • Participant - 15% Upvote for joining the contest

The initial post rewards additional to the prices will be varied accordingly. You can read about my full introduction of the contest here.

The matchup of the competing teams will be held at:

  • American Airlines Center Dallas, TX at 7:00 PM ET

Note: Please do enter your comments before 7:00 PM ET to be eligible for the contest. You could check the current eastern time here.


Goodluck, lock-in your predictions and earn some rewards in SPORTS!


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Phila - 225

Philadelphia 76ers 230

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76ers - 210

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Sixers 215

Grizzlies 217

Grizzlies 218

Sixers 240

sixers 220

Posted using Partiko Android

  • Grizzlies - 222

Grizzlies 218

Sixers 222

Grizzlies - 224