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RE: Two soccer crest designs that I created for adult league play in USA

in #creativecoin2 years ago

The first logo design was superb! It reminded me about Spain when they won the 2010 Fifa world cup and 2012 Euro.

I suggest to change the color of West Virginia background to that Yellow color you used and use dark color on its font. 😀

The second uhmm, I really don't know. Uhmm Juventus? But it's really a unique one and I love the color combo! 😀


Thanks a lot! Great comment.

I agree, it does remind me of Spain a lot too. I remember that team they had back in 2010-12. They were a serious powerhouse.

That is a great idea about the WV text on the banner. Darker font on a lighter color would be much easier. I was brand new to typography back when I designed these, I had only been designing for 3 years at that point. I’m nearing 10 years now and if I were to remake both of these logos then they’d be much stronger I feel. Perhaps I will sometime. Or just make new ones all together.

Yea I was asked to show hints if Juventus, but not make it exact or even necessity wholy recognizable.

Here is a comparison. I mostly just used somewhat of a similar shape and the lines in the background.