Two soccer crest designs that I created for adult league play in USA

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My graphic design skills occasionally come into use for my friends. A perfect example are these #football crest designs. I made one for West Virginia United and the other for Huntington Football Club.

Sports and Creativity...

These #soccer teams are both from #wv in eastern #usa. It's not everyday that I get to combine two of my favorite things. Thanks to #sportstalk & #creativecoin I can now share with both audiences.


West Virginia United

This WV United design incorporates many aspects of the state and nation. The central crest includes the state outline, the state animal (black bear), the state seal, the state flower (rhododendron), the state bird (cardinal), and the USA flag. A royal theme is present, with West Virginia banners flowing. The year the team was founded up top (2014). This is a very patriotic and visually pleasing team crest.


I love how this one turned out. The color palette worked well, and the layout was near perfect. Only thing I wish I could have maybe done better is the text and the rhododendron. This was five years ago when I was far less graphically talented.

What do you think of this crest design?


Huntington Football Club

More of an old fashioned look was requested on this one. They asked me to make it similar to the #juventus crest, but I still put my own spin on it. I am happy with this one as well, especially since I had never attempted to design a soccer crest before this.


I spent much more time on the United logo, but both were happily accepted by my friends.

Do you like the WV United or H-Town FC design better?


Do you think these crests look like official teams?
I would love to know what you think about my creativity.
Leave your comments below, perhaps we can earn some #creativecoin together.


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I really love both of your crests. The WV United one simply blows me away, it’s awesome and so eye catching.

Thank you!
I’m sure you’ve probably not ever seen these before. I made these a few years back.

The WV United one is sick. I had fun adding all of the elements.

No I hadn’t seen them before. It has so many images related to our State and so colorful. I’d like a T-shirt or Jersey with that Crest on it. And I do now notice it says 2014 on it, so you made it 5 years ago. Dazzling work for you at that young age

The first logo design was superb! It reminded me about Spain when they won the 2010 Fifa world cup and 2012 Euro.

I suggest to change the color of West Virginia background to that Yellow color you used and use dark color on its font. 😀

The second uhmm, I really don't know. Uhmm Juventus? But it's really a unique one and I love the color combo! 😀

Thanks a lot! Great comment.

I agree, it does remind me of Spain a lot too. I remember that team they had back in 2010-12. They were a serious powerhouse.

That is a great idea about the WV text on the banner. Darker font on a lighter color would be much easier. I was brand new to typography back when I designed these, I had only been designing for 3 years at that point. I’m nearing 10 years now and if I were to remake both of these logos then they’d be much stronger I feel. Perhaps I will sometime. Or just make new ones all together.

Yea I was asked to show hints if Juventus, but not make it exact or even necessity wholy recognizable.

Here is a comparison. I mostly just used somewhat of a similar shape and the lines in the background.


The first one is very patriotic and maybe you need more time to craft.
The second one is simple and the color stand better.
Kudos to you for putting your skills to work.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I really did have a lot of fun creating these crests. It’s so much easier to design things that I am passionate about rather than just force myself to do something I don’t care for.

Pretty cool infact beyond excellent creative too :)
thanks for sharing sports is all about this being able to express for the best :D

I appreciate you giving these a look. When sports and creativity come together, the results can be wonderful.


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Wow. They are actually look pretty cool i must say