Burn & Earn - Melbourne Renegades v Sydney Thunder

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Comment below what you think the total aggregate score in this game will be for your chance to win the final author payout in SPORTS tokens from this post.

You can find the general rules and information on this competition here

Yesterday saw our first winner, @hasez with the post in question looking like it should payout at around 25K SPORTS. Once the burns and transfers to winners begin to occur I'll start to note the stats in these blogs.

Form Guide

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This game will be taking place at the Geelong Stadium which is essentially the Renegades 2nd home. Only 2 matches were played here last year with the defending champions the Renegades soundly beaten in both! In fact, they lost their last match at the Geelong Stadium v Hobart Hurricanes by over 100 runs which is almost unheard of in T20 cricket.

The last time these 2 sides met was at the back end of last season when the Renegades strangled a Thunder team on a Docklands Stadium wicket that was tailor-made for their bowling attack. This time they have to face a Thunder side on the up and up following their victory just 48 hours earlier on a pitch that is likely to produce a much more even contest.

Callum Ferguson was magnificent for the Thunder in their opening game, taking his rich vein of form in domestic cricket straight into the Bash. The Renegades too have some proven talent with the likes of Aaron Finch and Shaun Marsh in their batting line-up so there is no reason to think that this game shouldn't be a high-scoring affair.

Entries for this competition close at 8am GMT on Thursday, 19th December

Just add what you think the total number of runs in this match will be in the comments section below

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Awesome, looking forward to the baked juicy steak. Thanks for the contest again @tales
Now, this fixture is a tough one, both teams have a talented squad. I would say 312

Finally his run is ended although you weren't far off again. See if you can get back to winning ways with this one



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The highest-scoring match of the tournament thus far. Try again tomorrow


303 please

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Based on the weather forecast, the temperature could get close to that

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I heard them say on commentary they were expecting 44C in Melbourne 🥵.

By comparison it’s closer to 4C and it’s rained a lot (even by English standards) the last few months 🌧

I'm staying with parents in Country Victoria (arrived yesterday) where we topped out at about 46. Made Hades feel like the freezer section at the supermarket

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Congratulations, your score was the closest and you will win the final payout of this post in SPORTS tokens in 7 days time. The amount will be sent via the @null account




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High-scoring game this time around but feel free to try again tomorrow


I am going to stick with 290. "A broken clock is right twice a day", right?!

Tick tock

I think it will be post 300, To be precise my no will be 320

  • 296 is my prediction