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RE: Should We Power Up In Various Tribes Or Steem? Or Both?

in #ctp2 years ago

I love Steem. You know that.

I'm no where near so happy with Steemit Inc, but that isn't the point. Or maybe it is. I have a strategy similar to yours. Pick the tribes I want to support and stake their coins. In the case of PAL, I also buy when I can.

Speaking of buy, I wish I had some 'non essential to life' money right this instant. I'd be buying all the Steem I could. But I'm so broke I can't pay attention right now so it's a slow go.

Thanks for addressing what could be problematic for some. It's important.


For sure man....Yeah I've been still dollar cost averaging into STEEM, but it's tough at these prices to not dive in fully LOL

Would love to see you back around CTP man. Things have changed big time and I think you would love it!