Dance and have fun week 69

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Dear dance lovers

Dance and have fun week 69 starts today.

A big thank you to @Mariluna for taking part in Dance and have fun week 68.

@Mariluna receives 30 Donatello Club tokens (DC) and here is her entry

How to enter:

Write a post on and share your dance video.

Title: Dance and have fun week 69

You will need to write a post by next Monday.

Alternatively you can write a post on Steemit or another platform but you will need to share your link here.

You will not need to share your link here if you write your post on

You can exchange your Donatello Club tokens (DC) for STEEM on

Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you for stopping by!

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Thank you for your support!

Let's dance😁😁ohhhh yeah let's dance dance dance

Yes, let's dance!
Thank you for stopping by!