Roy Jones Jr. Legendary Highlights + Can't Be Touched

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I love boxing! It is not for it's a contact sport, or because Two warriors are beating the crap out of other, no. Boxing for me is an art. A sport that demands all that person can or not handle, mentally and physically. In order to even dare to get into a ring with even a journeyman one needs to be in shape. It's a sport that demands self discipline and a strict lifestyle. Being a boxer must be quite the task, don't you agree?

Legendary Roy Jones Jr. is one of my favorite boxers of all time. This guy's versatility and awkward style made him the best over the span of ten years. Nobody could have beaten prime Roy Jones Jr. back in the day. If you want to know what I'm talking about, please do yourself a favor and don't waste any more time to see a legend at his best.

Keep on sporting fellas! Steem on!

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Se pasó ese tipo. Es demasiado elusivo y dificil de golpear. Saluditos.

@ jonsnow1983 Hello dear friend.
I totally share your words, this is an activity that in addition to a healthy lifestyle, requires, be very well in the head, is a sport that requires a strategy, go to the ring, with the intention of winning a race and receive the least number of possible blows, although I do not like the boxing style of "Floyd Mayweather" is a boxer who has not received many blows in his career.
I appreciate all this information, and the video I wish you a great day

Floyd's style can be boring for many boxing casual fans but he's a true exponent of "hit and don't get hit"

Legend for a reason that was so good to see the video thanks for sharing