Sportstalk Introduces "Categorization": A Breakthrough For Steem

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Steem does not have a very effective way of sorting the content that is placed in the different tribes. Sportstalk is changing that by adding different categories to their tags.

For sports, this is very important since fans of teams often do not want to associate with the fans from other teams. This is especially true for those that are rivals. Red Sox fans tend not to get along with Yankee fans. The same holds for Auburn college football fans and their feelings towards Alabama.

This could be the start of a breakthrough for Steem. By having the ability to route people directly to what they want, we could see retention rates move up. Newer people will find material that is of their liking specifically. If they want to venture out into other areas, that option is available. However, they will not get bombarded with an out of control stream of content that is all over the map.

Here is the announcement post put out by sportstalk.

▶️ DTube

I think @sportstalksocial has potential because of it's very nature. I they could somehow break into the subreddits and pull people over there it would be massive. I have staked my tokens there. I also feel @steem.leo holds promise.

I have really been meaning to check this out. I am a sports fan but like to report on my teams and never bothered because I figured that the content would not be of interest to 90% of my followers at any given time.

It is neat how you found the categories angle and if it is true, I may be on board! I did notice the sportstalk token in my steem engine wallet and wondered what I would do with them.

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Is there a tag limit on sportalksocial? Because if there is, the more tagging they encourage the less people can use other tags to collect rewards which disincentivizes the use of greater tag granularity

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I am not sure what you means by tag limit?

On the post? It is limited to the same 5 that is per the platform.

I am not sure if that is what you meant @videosteemit.

Some platforms are looking to change how many tags are allowed. Mediaofficials talked of allowing 20 tags i believe.

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I was not aware of that. Thanks for the 411. I will have to check, I do not know if Sportstalk changed it....I just presumed it was 5.

I agree with you, having that many tags tends to dilute them and make things too tight.

There's currently a 10 tag limit on

Good to know!

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Thanks for the detail!

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Wow. The future is really great

Hi! Thank you for this. I can't believe I am into this platform. I stumbled upon this site in Duckduckgo and searching about Cryptocurrency related Sportstalk and I redirected to this site.

I have a lot of things to learn here as I can see Sportstalk is only part of the whole.

I also agree with the categorization being added. It surely classify different communities thriving. It's a great addition and I'm looking forward for more features to be added.

thanks for joining. happy to see that you are routed to the platform with search engine. :)

♥️ ONLY for sports, is best for me, sportstalksocial

Very good

Very good

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Best of luck

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Glad more communities are coming up to correct the mistake of Steemit instead of leaving here to go create there own outside the steemit ecosystem.

Really spotrstakl social is best. That's the best scot token I've ever seen. Lots of love for sports❤

It's the best

Being able to sort categorically is a good implementation. I love the new approach. I'm sure a lot of people will prefer that to the current style. Thanks for the info.

Highly rEsteemed!

Wow, I'm very glad to have my very tenacious tension of the future, sportstalk

sportstalk is envolving in a very fast way...I guess maybe will bring a lot of sports fans to steem(and to blockchain)

Love for Sportstalk i know about it yesterday and really happy to post sports videos. A best earning platform.

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Sports talk is making things happen in a really interesting way on the steem blockchain that's really awesome : )

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@taskmaster4450 this will change the sports industry , like the actifit . But this is better then all others.

I agree! At all posts can be sure to have specialized categories, namely sports. I like to use it.